V/A - Nostalgic Futurisms LP [MJAZZLP09CD]

Here's a brand new album from MJAZZ, a label that has been around "for a while". As the name suggests, the album is about the golden era of drum'n'bass, but with a modern approach. Some tunes in this album are actually from 90's, but many of the tracks are brand new and written specifically for this LP project, but with mid 90's drum'n'bass in mind.

The album contains tunes from the label boss Justice, and also from guys like Metro, Cuelock, Jason Os, Paranoid Society and many more, and you can check the clips from the soundcloud player below.
The CD album is limited to 50 pieces only, with each CD and sleeve hand sprayed and finished with unique artwork, and the package also contains the arrow stencil used in production of CD and stickers. Get your copy from Surus before it's sold out. And obviously you can get the digital audio files from any good shops.

While listening to the clips, check out Justice's interview with Organic and an album review by everyday junglist.

Nostalgic Futurisms LP Clips - Various Artists ***OUT NOW*** by Modern Urban Jazz

Bop - The Amazing Adventures Of One Curious Pixel [Med School]

The Amazing Adventures Of One Curious Pixel is the name of Bop's second album, which is a follow up for his excellent debut album Clear Your Mind which was released two years ago. It's about time I say. Check out the clips from the Soundcloud player before and/or the minimix on youtube.

Release date is May 30th, and it's already available for preorder at Hospital Shop

Bop - The Amazing Adventures Of One Curious Pixel (MEDIC23) by Med School Music

Med School: New Blood 011

Hospital Records' always so very nice sister label Med School Music are about to release a sequel to the New Blood 010 compilation album which they released approximately a year ago. That album introduced us guys like Enei, Stray and Joe Syntax, and also ended up getting good recognition outside the usual drum'n'bass listener base.

The limited advance vinyl copies of the new album, titled New Blood 011 are already in the Hospital Shop and features tracks from new and not-so-new producers like Anile, Eleven8, Flame, Furi Anga, and Nuage. Preview tracks are dropping on the Med School website every monday until the release date, which is march 28th.

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