Science HKI presents: 10 Years of Science with FANU

Since the very beginning, the whole idea of Science Helsinki has been to have people gather around great music. It started as living room sessions, evolved into a monthly club night, a podcast and finally our own radio show.

What's been missing for the past years is the club night. We're trying our best to remedy that!

We're boarding Merikerho to bring you a rare treat, the breakbeat connoisseur himself, and most importantly the guest DJ of the first ever Science night: FANU.

With a much anticipated release coming on the Metalheadz imprint, we're curious to hear what he'll have up in his sleeves for our night!

And of course all of us scientists will be on the decks as well. This is going to be a night you don't want to miss!


Saturday 17.11.2018, 22–04

Sörnäisten rantapromenadi
00530 Helsinki

Fanu [Lightless Recordings, Metalheadz]

Trisector [DSCI4, Med School, Science HKI]
Axu [Science HKI]
VVR [Science HKI]
St. Laurent [Science HKI]

Visuals by trsctr

10 € (including cloakroom fee), available on the door only

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Science HKI 10 Years

Science of Smoke - V Recs Tribute mixtape

Some dusty smokey late nite vinyl biz, not april fool things but pure V goodness. Let 'em rollers roll!

Download MP3


01 krust - jazz note
02 roni size - only a dream
03 roni size - fresh (mask remix)
04 roni size - phyzical (ray keith vintage remix)
05 i kamanchi - stay
06 suv - bragga funk
07 die - something special
08 krust - check dis out
09 bill riley - fat man
10 scorpio - li-li
11 krust - set speed
12 roni size - fashion
13 krust - angles
14 roni size - box of tricks
15 krust - blaze dis one
16 suv - invaders
17 ed rush & optical - naked lunch
18 krust - warhead
19 roni size & die - it's a jazz thing (electric boogie mix)
20 roni size - timestretch (origin unknown remix)
21 lemon d - i can't stop

Axu - Good Looking Good mixtape

I was browsing through my HD and found a GLR tribute mixtape I made 5-10 years ago with a shoddy mixer that had EQ slides instead of knobs and a crackling headphone socket. Good times even though a bit pain in the ass, the process of making this mixtape also taught me a thing or two about fixing broken mixers.

Download here! (open the post for tracklisting)

Axu's sunday sessions pt. 3

Starts with darker techno bits and moves forward to dubstep, even to some really wobbly ones (they're good though, trust me) and some drummy tunes too.

Why? For the glory of sunday of course!

192 kbps, 66 mt, 48 mins.


Viidakkorumpu @

We are a go @ 16.30 +2 GMT

Join the fun in IRC chatroom using either your preferred client or the javachat on site:

Current state of Finnish jungle. Nuff sed.

Axu - Bass Tales (Dubstep)

Hi folks,

I accidentally some dubstep & bass music, enjoy.


Axu's sunday sessions pt. 2

I was reminiscing the '95 hockey gold with some '95 jungle just before the 2011 finals, better than the usual gameday musickz. It's put together in just one freestyle take so might not be the cleanest cut out there, though not as bad as proper hockey tipsy jurri business. Den glider in!


01 chris energy - around [reinforced]
02 roni size - daylight [full cycle]
03 dj krust - poison [v]
04 keen - waiting [formation]
05 shy fx - my way [sour]
06 roni size - timestretch (origin unknown remix) [v]
07 higher sense - lock up [moving shadow]
08 mi5 - i can't understand [lucky spin]
09 dj hype & ganja max - rinse out [ganja]
10 dj buz - slave [no u-turn]
11 digital - touch me 96 [timeless]
12 mouly & lucida - aquarium [code-001]
13 undercover agent & the kriminal - jah works [suburban base]
14 shimon - within reason (liftin' spirits remix) [ram]
15 j majik - tranquil [metalheadz]
16 roni size - step up [v]
17 motive one - sunday [cert 18]
18 klute - right or wrong [cert 18]
19 klute - f.p.o.p [cert 18]

Axu's sunday sessions pt. 1

Some mellow minimal tracks, snappy drums and general sunday easy vibe - powered by dark roasted coffee and mild hangover. Yea, it's good.

320kbps, 84 mb, 37 mins.

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