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Radio: Basso DNB Show with Science Helsinki 14.12.2015

Here's the recording of our last Basso show for this year. We thought it would be a good idea to stop for a moment to pick a bunch of our favorite tunes released during the year. Hope you like them too!

Reso - Taiga [Hospital Records]
Artificial Intelligence - Untitled Ghost [Metalheadz]
Amoss & Fearful - Carcosa [Diffrent]
Logam & Mayhem Ft. Armanni Reign - We Will [RAM Records]
Makoto & A-Sides Ft. Robert Manos - Jupiter [Eastern Elements]
Coleco - Awarness Now [Inflect Audio]
Theory - F The Police [Alphacut Records]
Paradox - Rockdown [Paradox Music]
Fanu - Dreamer's Union [Lightless Recordings]
King Fifi - 10000 Chickens [457]
Quentin Hiatus - Passive Boycott [Translation Recordings]
Hex & Frustrate - Adapt [Free Love Digi]
Mystic State & Perverse - Spirituality [Cx Digital]
London Elektricity Ft. Emer Dineen - Phase Us [Hospital Records]
LSB - Walking Blues [Soul:R]
Etherwood Ft. Zara Kershaw - Souvenirs (Ulterior Motive Remix) [Med School]
Rockwell - INeedU [Shogun Audio]
Jung Hollywood - Type Ov [Immaterial Tech]
Death Man's Chest - Liquid 94 [Ingredients Records]
Double O - Straight 98 [Rupture LDN]
Notion - Sawshark [Cylon Recordings]
Skynet - Mind Eraser [Full Force]
Spirit - Life Goes On [Blu Mar Ten]
Digital - Deadline (Dub Phizix Remix) [Function Records]
Mako - The Narrator [Metalheadz]
LSB - About Tonight [Spearhead Records]
Calibre - Reno [C.I.A.]
Gerra & Stone Ft. Lucy Kitchen & Stephen Mccleery - Unbreakable [Dispatch Recordings]
Riya Ft. Frank H Carter III, Maverick Soul, Total Science - Confessions [Spearhead Records]
Jazzatron - Renzie The Witch [Celsius Recordings]
Daat - Fridge (Overlook Remix) [Detuned Transmissions]
Microfunk Crew - Crab Nebula [Microfunk Music]
Stray - Movements (Machine Drum Remix) [Exit Records]

Radio: Basso DNB Show with Science Helsinki 9.11.2015

It was a Monday night with Trisector and St. Laurent enjoying some Monday & Bass... in your face (*gets the coat and leaves the premises*). We did a rather long feature on London Elektricity – just to realize even two hours wouldn't really be enough. Anyway, here's the recording, hope you enjoy it!

RQ - Shimmer [Blu Mar Ten Music]
Sunchase - Violet [Drone Audio]
Microfunk Crew - Crab Nebula [Microfunk Music]
Naibu - Straight (Into The Wall) [Scientific]
Moresounds - Gwan Fire [31 Recordings]
Ahmad - Dissident [T3K]
Sam KDC - Templar [Samurai Red Seal]
Dom & Fierce - Resonance [Quarantine]
Zero T ft. Beta 2 - Clondike [Dispatch]
Jazzatron - Mmmboh [Celsius]
Flaco - Rain [Co-Lab]
Pennygiles & Sevin - I'm Sorry [Integral]
Riya ft. Frank H Carter III, Maverick Soul, Total Science - Confessions [Spearhead Records]
Muffler - Dark Flower [Spearhead Records]
Zero T - Thirty Four [Fokuz Recordings]
Fistfunk - Do It Right [Lightless Recordings]
The Peter Nice Trio - Harp Of Gold [Hospital Records]
London Elektricity - Pull The Plug [Hospital Records]
London Elektricity - Rewind (Live) [Hospital Records]
London Elektricity - Wishing Well (Danny Byrd remix) [Hospital Records]
London Elektricity - My Dreams (Total Science remix) [Hospital Records]
London Elektricity - The Great Drum+Bass Swindle [Hospital Records]
London Elektricity - The Strangest Secret In The World [Hospital Records]
London Elektricity ft. Elsa Esmeralda - Just One Second [Hospital Records]
London Elektricity ft. Emer Dineen - Tenderless [Hospital Records]
London Elektricity ft. Liane Carrol - Why Are We Here? [Hospital Records]
Akuratyde ft. Eusebeia - Time Left Behind [Blu Mar Ten Music]
Hydro, Habstrakt, War & Mateba - The New Age [Utopia Music]
Moresounds - Braaka Töölö [Lightless Recordings]
Commix - Be True [Metalheadz]

Radio: Basso DNB Show with Science Helsinki 12.10.2015

Recording of the last Basso DNB Show. Axu & St. Laurent in the studio with Luna Chill and Agentti Jaatinen from the Drop Zone org. We took a look into Critical Music releases to warm up for an upcoming Drop Zone party, the Critical Music Label Night.

Bagga Worries ft. Jooxie Nice - Legalise (Remarc VIP Remix) [Planet Mu]
CJ Weaver - Android Dice Clay [Translation Recordings]
Quentin Hiatus - Wait Right Here [Free Love Digi]
Infigshish - Three Faces [Ingredients]
Chills - Start With A [Diffrent]
Impish - So Sick [Fokuz Recordings]
Seba - Nichocho [Warm Communications]
Wintermute & Cues - Euler's Disc [Boundless Beatz]
Quadrant, Kid Hops & Iris - Orca [Commercial Suicide]
Homemade Weapons - Mileena [Samurai Music]
Alpha Omega - Don't Believe It [Reinforced Records]
Spirit - Life Goes On [Blu Mar Ten Music]
Photek - Rings Around Saturn [Photek]
DJ Krust - Warhead (Steppa Mix) [V Recordings]
Seba - Jungle Music [Secret Operations]
Quadrant - Occidental [Commercial Suicide]
Kasra - DFM [Critical Music]
Enei ft. DRS - Overthinking [Critical Music]
Hyroglifics - Cloud Cover [Critical Music]
Sam Binga - Lef Dem [Critical Music]
Ivy Lab - Baby Grey [Critical Music]
Foreign Concept ft. T-Man - Tag Team [Critical Music]
Ivy Lab - Sunday Crunk (Mefjus Remix) [Critical Music]
Enei - The Bonebreaker [Critical Music]
S.P.Y. & Kasra - Control [Critical Music]
Enei - One Chance (Emperor Remix) [Critical Music]
Foreign Concept - Make Meals [Critical Music]
Hyroglifics - Bay City Ballers Club [Critical Music]
Fre4knc - Fender Bender [Critical Music]
Mefjus & Icicle - Contemporary [Critical Music]
Sabre, Stray & Halogenix feat. Frank Carter III - Oblique [Critical Music]
Stray - Akina [Critical Modulations]
Blame - Overhead Projections [Good Looking Records]

Radio: Basso DNB Show with Science Helsinki 14.9.2015

Recording of the last Basso DNB Show. Axu & Trisector in the studio with a closer listen to Sam Binga's new album and some old and new goodies from different sides of drum'n'bass. We'll be back on air on 12th of October.

King FiFi - King Riddim [457]
Digital ft. Response - Unrest [Commercial Suicide]
The Levels - Remember (Om Unit's Love Dub) [Levels]
Beastie Respond - Syncopy [Teal]
Stray - Frost [Med School]
Riya ft. Zero T - Truth Hurts [Spearhead]
Psyek - Atharax [Architechture Recordings]
Abstract Elements - Uranus [Invisible]
Ophlot - Cubes [DSCI4]
Nuphlo - Harehills [100 colours]
Jazzatron - Come Quick [Alchemic Breaks]
Sam Binga ft. TT The Artist - Bad Bish [Critical Music]
Hyroglifics - No Drama [Critical]
Teksteppa - Forgotten Technology [Cymbalism]
Sunchase & Detail - Cxema [22:22]
Overlook - Empires [31 Records]
Ruz - Prophet of Doom & Gloom [Alphacut]
Earl Grey - Bob Dub [Subtle Audio]
King FiFi - 10000 Chickens [457]
Sam Binga ft. Warrior Queen - Wasted Days [Critical]
Yellowman - Cusscuss (Crypticz remix) [Forbidden Trax]
Sam Binga ft. Rudey Lee - Stormy Weather (Danny Scrilla remix) [Critical Music]
Boi-A-Gutz - Sega #1 [L1]
Sam Binga ft. Chimpo, Fox & Redders - Steppin VIP [Critical]
The Untouchables & Resound - Separate Reality [Translation Recordings]
Overlook - Gumshoe [Rupture]
DJ LAB - War In The City [Indajungle]
DJ Stretch - Hungry Tiger (Serum remix) [AKO Beats]
Firefox - So Solid [Philly Blunt]
Seba & Paradox ft. Robert Manos - Lie To Me [Paradox Music]
Mikarma - Initiator [Convex Industries]
Mikarma - Intake [Convex Industries]
Owl - Rhea Calling [Nord Label]
Om Unit - The Lake [Cosmic Bridge]
Shy FX - Nasty (T-Power remix) [SOUR]

Radio: Basso DNB Show with Science Helsinki 10.8.2015

Have a listen to our latest show on Bassoradio. No special artist feature this time, just good vibes and good tunes, old school and brand new. Axu, Trisector & VVR in the controls.

Stray - Queen [Exit]
Cutworks - Soul Root [Nexgen]
Unknown Artist - Blind #19 [Blind Music]
BLK MRKS & Brand Nu - Odes (Skimatix Remix) [Good Street]
Ill K - Posuere [Alphacut]
Sam KDC & The Untouchables - Alliance [457]
Amit - Roots [Commercial Suicide]
Theory - F the police [Alphacut]
Digital - Ras 78 [Function]
Ed Rush - What's Up? [No U-Turn]
Panacea - Hellbringer [Chrome]
Blue - Closer [Street Beats]
Fierce & Survival - Prism [Quarantine]
Outfit - Serum [Metro]
Technical Itch - The Virus [Moving Shadow]
DAAT - Fridge (Overlook Remix) [Detuned Transmissions]
Menticide & Demgone - Damage [Rogue Beatz]
Darkhalo - Love Circuit Overclock [Bandcamp]
Dexcell - I Know [Spearhead]
dramatic & dbaudio ft. grimm - far away [mars]
Surplus - Kinetics [Influenza Media]
anile - city of injustice (feat drs) [med school]
photek - knitevision [science]
Theme - Scene 1 [Samurai Red Seal]
Jazzatron - Renzie The Witch [Fokuz]
Roni Size Reprazent - Brown Paper Bag (Photek remix) [Talking Loud]
Octane & DLR & Ant TC1 - The Jazz Club [Dispatch]
Dead Man's Chest - Liquid 94 [Ingredients]
Grimm - Fire [Future Thinkin]
Stray - Movements (Machinedrum remix) [Exit]
Goldie - Jah The Sevent Seal [FFRR]

Radio: Basso DNB Show with Science Helsinki 13.7.2015

Yesterday's Drum & Bass Show with Science Helsinki is now available for listening on Mixcloud. Axu, St. Laurent & Trisector in the mix. Hope you enjoy the show, we'll be back next month again.

Gerra & Stone - Unbreakable [Dispatch Recordings
Eastcolors - Toys [Program]
Seba - Life Is [Secret Operations]
Electrosoul System - Whispers of Witches [Kos.Mos.Music]
Heist - Dregs At The Bottom [Philly Blunt]
Paradox - Rockdown [Paradox music]
Double O - Straight 98 [Rupture London]
Fracture ft. DJ Monita - Luv To Luv Ya (Fracture VIP) [Astrophonica]
Theory - Foundation 11 [Alphacut Records]
DJ Red - You Are The One [Slammin' Vinyl]
Débruit & LV - Ata (LV Remix) [Civil Music]
Hot Flame - Dextrous & H Pee (Desnoes Mix) [Subversive Recordings]
The Levels ft. DBridge - We Could Be [The Levels]
Mystic State & Perverse - Spirituality [CX Digital]
Out Of Fuel - Phobos [Machinist Music]
Mixmaster Doc - Sound Flow [Fokuz]
Makoto & A-Sides ft. Robert Manos - Jupiter [Eastern Elements]
Marky & A-Sides ft. Singin Fats - Feeling Fine [Innerground]
Funkware - The Fugitive [Soul Deep]
Capone - Take It Down Low [Hardleaders]
Dillinja - So Damn Tuff [Test]
Dillinja - Hard Noize [Test]
Need For Mirrors - Ethos [Blu Mar Ten Music]
Out of Fuel - Paranoid [Machinist Music]
Abstract Elements - Mindcrusher [Alphacut]
DAAT - Fridge [Detuned Transmissions]
Equinox - Looking At The Moon [Scientific Wax]
Gremlinz, Ahmad & Mental Forces - Shiva [Architechture]
Seba & Lenk - Mandelkubb [Secret Operations]
Danny Scrilla & Om Unit - Free Flight [Cosmic Bridge]
Voyager - Beatnik [Good Looking]

Radio: Drum'n'bass Show with Science Hki @ Basso Radio 08/06/2015

Yes yes. Here's the recording of yesterday's show. Axu & Trisector in the studio with some fresh beats from Dispatch, Metalheadz, Warm Communications and Fanu & Coleco, some old Ray Keith and a 30 minute special dedicated to Quarantine Recordings starting at about 60 minutes.

Etherwood ft. Zara Kershaw - Souvenirs (Ulterior Motive Remix) [Med School]
Halogenix - Beyond The Bounds [Metalheadz]
Kai - Taken Away [Faded]
Alibi - Restless [Proximity]
Ed:it - Dub Light [Dispatch]
Total Science, Quadrant & Iris - Pushing Your Luck [CIA]
Digital & Response - Light Years [Function]
Paradox - Rockdown [Esoteric] 2015
John B - Pressure (The Renegades Mix) [not on label]
Fade - Get Rowdy [Different]
Limewax - Atmo [Position Chrome]
Quadra & Subsense - Dues [Dub]
Fanu & Coleco - We Don't Do Neurofunk [Lightless]
Tim Reaper & Silo - Dive Into [Siren Audio]
Todd Buchler - Onyx [Seminal Sounds]
Hyroglifics & Dexta - Boxgroove [Diffrent]
Philth - Destiny [Peer Pressure]

Quarantine special:
Break & Survival - No ID [Quarantine]
Fierce & Zero T - Second Nature (Moonshine) [Quarantine]
Break - Z Groove [Quarantine]
Noisia - Diplodocus [Quarantine]
Break - Authentic [Quarantine]
Fierce & Cause 4 Concern - Carrier [Quarantine]
Silent Witness & Break - Kickback [Quarantine]
Fierce & Cause 4 Concern - Bermuda [Quarantine]
Break - Enigma (Calibre Remix) [Quarantine]
Break & Hydro - Immaculate [Quarantine]

Source Direct - Black Rose (Blawan remix) [Nonplus]
Ray Keith - UFO Vol 3 AA [Penny Black]
Ray Keith - Do It (Lemon D remix) [V Recordings]
The Dynamic Duo - Menace (Ray Keith remix) [Joker]
Hokusai - 12 till 4 [Source Direct]

Radio: Drum'n'bass Show with Science Hki @ Basso Radio 13/04/2015

Our radio session from last Monday is online for you to enjoy. Check check!

The show can also be listened using the Basso iOS & Android apps:
Basso for iOS
Basso for Android

Conduct - Confrontation [Diffrent Music]
Amoss & Fearful - Carcosa [Different Music]
Cycom - M-Theory [Dysfunkt Music]
Minor Rain - Placebo [Future Funk]
Anile - Voidrants [Med School]
Total Science ft. Riya - Walk The Same Lines [CIA]
Blocks + Escher - Heartshaped [Horizons Music]
Mosus - Watergate [Nu Directions]
Noetic Nodus - Red Monolith [Dubplate]
Dom & Optical - Quadrant Six [Moving Shadow]
Brain Vertex - St. Mary [Sick Brain Music]
RoyGreen & Protone - Warman [Demand Records]
Out Of Fuel - Wildfire [Dub]
Goldie - Kemistry (Grooverider Remix) [Razors Edge]
ASC - Windchime [Inperspective Records]
ASC - Tradewind [Outsider]
ASC - Phobos [Nonplus]
ASC - Prometheus [Samurai Red Seal]
ASC - Dragnet [Samurai HORO]
Loxy & Resound - Purity [31 Recordings]
Starsky vs. The Junglites - Conqueror [Pimp]
DJ Kane - Rythmic Chapter [Trouble On Vinyl]
The Good Fellas - Impact [Phat Trax]
Mampi Swift - Revenge [Charge 12"]
Sappo - Lawnmower Man [24 Karat]
Rebel MC - Emperor Selassie I [Congo Natty]
Gang Related - Oh My Gosh [Dope Dragon]
DJ Zinc - Super Sharp Shooter [Ganja Records]

Radio: Drum'n'bass Show with Science Hki @ Basso Radio 12/01/2015

Our first radio show for the year 2015 is now online. This time we had the pleasure of reviewing the last year's dopest releases. Of course two hours isn't enough for that, but we did try our best. It has to be said: 2014 was a really really good year for dnb. Hopefully 2015 isn't that bad either!

The show can also be listened using the Basso iOS & Android apps:
Basso for iOS
Basso for Android

Walter Murphy - Sunflower (Fistfunk Bootleg Mix) [Free Download]
Random Movement ft. Jaybee & Adrienne Richards - Ahead Of It All [V Recordings]
Dynamic - Little Downtown Jazz Lick [Sheer Velocity Recordings]
Calibre - Honey Dew [Signature Recordings]
Stray - Chatterbox [Exit Records]
Werd - Week 2 [Ground Mass]
Spinscott - Blow My Mind [Dynamic Records]
Nebula - Left for Dead [Bandcamp]
Gremlinz - Forlorn [31 Records]
Centaspike & Indidjinous - Ominious Mystery [Subtle Audio]
Alix Perez - Gully Halves [Exit Records]
Fixate - System Malfunction [Diffrent Music]
Fixate - Pum Pum [Diffrent Music]
Z-Connection - Horizon [Diffrent Music]
Minor Rain - Tripod [Future Funk Recordings]
Blocks & Escher - Moods [Metalheadz]
Villem & McLeod - Think That I'm Yours [Warm Communications]
Blu Mar Ten ft. Agne Genyte - Somewhere (Frederic Robinson Remix) [Blu Mar Ten Music]
Mutated Forms - Reach You In Your Sleep [Blu Mar Ten Music]
Outer Heaven - Genjutsu [Proximity Recordings]
Roy Green & Protone - Speak The Truth [Demand Records]
Nasty Habits - Shadow Boxing (Om Unit Remix) [31 Recordings]
Paragon - Ugly [Foundation Audio]
Artificial Intelligence ft. DRS - War Horse [Metalheadz]
Mako, DLR, Villem & Ant TC 1 - Hungry For Atmosphere [Metalheadz]
Loxy & Resound - Purity [31 Records]
Foreign Concept - Make Meals [Critical Music]
Cam'ron - Oh Boy (Ivy Lab's 20/20 Bootleg) [Free Download]
Emperor & Ivy Lab - Pepper (Deft Remix) [Critical Music]
Dominic Ridgway - Bawdale [Regression Media]
Sophie - Hard [Numbers]
Stray - Triangles [Free Download]
Random Movement - Dancing (Sinistarr Remix) [Rubik Records]
Om Unit - Timelines [Metalheadz]

Radio: Drum'n'bass Show with Science Hki @ Basso Radio 15/12/2014

Last week's show is now here. Instead of doing the usual chinstroker nerdstep thing we do, we did a little special on skullstep, pots and pans and other nice things since The Panacea is playing in town tonight. Science Hki crew will be back on air next year on the 12th of January. There will be a special show with a special guest on 29th of December too though hosted by Trisector, so watch out.


Kid Lib - Greater Wonders [117]
The New Cru ft. General Pecos - Run Come [Labello Blanco]
Keen - Vol 2 Untitled B [Keen]
Fanu - Bad Dreams (Coleco remix) [Lightless]
Blu Mar Ten - Night Shift [FSOL remix) [Blu Mar Ten Music]
House Of Black Lanterns - Take Control [31]
Kolektiv - Immortalis [Diffrent]
Mono Sono - Torus (Justice & Metro VIP edit) [free dl]
Fade - City Galore [DSCI4]
Fierce & Zero T - Back [Quarantine]
Survey - Collapse [Protect Audio]
Mayhem & Logam - Aphelion [Santoku]
Evol Intent & Mayhem & Psidream - Assimilation [Evol Intent]
DJ Trace & Nico - 12 Monkeys (DJ Future & Eric Electric VIP) [117]
Drumcorps - Down [Ad Noiseam]
Dom & Roland - Braincloud [Moving Shadow]
Decoder - Fog [Hard Leaders]
Dylan - Whorror [Freak]
Limewax - Eyes Of Evil [Freak]
Om Unit & Sam Binga - Gamma [Exit]
Evol Intent - Horns & Halos [Barcode]
Facs - Beat Dis [Killing Sheep]
Arkon - Rapture [Hardline]
Naraka - Face Distortion [unreleased]
GLXBLT - Fuck On The Floor [free dl]
Usual Suspects & Universal Project - The Craft [Renegade Hardware]
B-Key - Man Of Science [Scientific Wax]
Current Value - Death Marching [Flexible]
Current Value & Limewax - Tempest [L/B]
Limewax & The Panacea - Operation ViagraXXX & Gay Pads [Position Chrome]
Konflict - Messiah [Renegade Hardware]

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