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Radio: Drum'n'bass Show with Science Hki @ Basso Radio 07/12/2013

Yada yada yada and all that stuff. Here's our last week's show on Basso Radio. Includes Summer sounds and some other nice things too. We're airing next time on 9th of August.

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Lé tracklist:
Makoto feat. Paul Randolph - You've Got Sumptin' (Sinistarr Remix) [Human Elements]
dbAudio - 1971 [Innerground Records]
Critycal Dub - Deep Motion [V Recordings]
Anile - All This Time [CIA Deepkut Dub]
Sinistarr & Kiat - Black Diamonds [Hospital Records]
Chris Inperspective - Biffy's Not Here [Inperspective]
Amit - Pripyat [Commercial Suicide]
Mark Pritchard - Manabadman feat. Spikey Tee [Warp Records]
Direct Motion - Part Of Me [Diffrent]
The Chemical Brothers - Alive Alone [EMI]
Sinistarr - I Am Not Invincible [Non60]
Snow Ghosts - Secret Garden [Houndstooth]
Chimpo - All Over [Soul:r]
Kove - Gone [Program]
Chimpo - Buzzin feat. Dub Phizix & Skeptical [Soul:r]
Prizna - Fire (Splash VIP remix) [Labello]
Naphta - Soundclash Part I (Long Time Burning Mix) [Lightless Recordings]
DJ Food - Scratch Yer Hed (Squarepusher remix) [Ninja Tune]
DJ Hybrid - What You Gonna Do [36 Hertz Recordings]
Principal - Come Down [24 Karat]
Die - 1000 Soul Songs (Break Remix) [Gutterfunk]
Spirant - Alias Grace [Blu Mar Ten Music]
Noetic Nodus - Sukhoy Nos [Dub]
Sinistarr - Scripted [Inperspective]
Squarepusher - Come On My Selector [Warp Records]

Radio: Drum'n'bass Show with Science Hki @ Basso Radio 06/14/2013

Here's the last Basso D&B Show with Science Hki, with an artist feature about a guy called Artemis, and some old and new deep tunes and other cool stuff, and a great classic tune in the end picked up by VVR. Check it.

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Snow Ghosts - Murder Cries [Houndstooth]
Fanu - Poltergeist [Lightless]
Paradox - Marxism [Paradox Music]
Heavy 1 & Key - Prison [Yabai84]
Fistfunk - Raindance [Lightless]
Unknown Artist - Le Singe (Om Unit remix) [Cosmic Bridge]
Seapoint - Euvolemic [Be Yourself Division free mp3]
MoonDoctoR - Thru The Fire [119 Sound]
Alix Perez feat. Two Inch Punch - Broken Heart [Shogun Audio]
Inztance - What Must I Do [Through Sounds]
Emperor - She Said [Critical Music]
Detail - Eight [22:22]
The Untouchables - Herbsman Dub [Translation]
Mikal - Kick Back [Rooted]
Mav - Orbiting The Earth [Scientific]
Spectrasoul - I was 10 [Shogun Audio]
Artemis - Elysian Fields [Good Looking]
Shogun - Nautilus [Renegade]
Artemis - Desideradi [Good Looking]
Artemis - Silver Dawn [Earth]
Genotype - Further Searching [Exit]
Felix K - C1 [Hidden Hawaii]
Marcus Intalex - Steady [Soul:R]
M.Zine & Skepticz - Point Of No Return [Dispatch]
Joe Seven - Untitled Monotron [Exit]
4Hero - We Who Are Not As Others [Talkin' Loud]

Radio: Drum'n'bass Show special with Fanu, Trisector & VVR @ Basso Radio 05/24/2013

Yes yes. Here's our last week's special show. We ended up playing a lot of Finnish drum'n'bass, and obviously a bunch of tunes from The Breakbeat Sound Of Finland album.


Mako, Villem & Fields - Whatever, Whatever [Warm Communications]
Quadrant & Iris - Sparse VIP [Avantgarde]
Mineral - Living The Dream (Esc & Subsense remix) [Lightless]
Alpha Omega - Formants [Unreleased]
Paradox - Legacy [Paradox Music]
Senses - Her Smile [Bassbin]
Plug - Scar City [Ninja Tune]
Dharma - Dopeonology [Straight Up Breakbeat]
Muffler - Perfect Numbers [SighCo]
Resound - DSP [Translation]
Dak - Ovi A Re-Opened [Lightless]
Fistfunk - Persona [Lightless]
Dejaru - Blackmask [Alphacut]
Noetic Nodus - Unyielding [dub]
Trisector & Infader - Chaos Engine [Lightless]
Out Of Fuel - Sneaky [Lightless]
Ben Kama - Backbone [Dub]
Fanu - Defunct Drums Depression Decade [Offshore]
Nuance - Amalthea [Covert Operations]
Resound & Motive Within - Parallel Paths (Trisector remix) [Unreleased]
Fistfunk - Tetsuo [Lightless]
Physics - Revolution [Telluric]
Paradox - Arcane [Esoteric]
Grimm - Fire [Future Thinkin]
Seba & Paradox - Planets.. Stars.. [Freak]
Photek - Minotaur [Science]

Radio: Drum'n'bass Show with Science Hki @ Basso Radio 05/10/2013

It's hard to believe we've been on Basso for a year, but it's true now. We did our first show exactly a year ago and I believe we've been getting better and better. At least doing this show felt really good and we had fun in the studio doing the show.
We ended up playing more liquid funk and rollers than usual, instead of playing all the deep, moody stuff, but to keep things still nerdy, VVR did a great special on a dude called Macc. Check it out.

The next time we will be terrorizing airwaves will be on 14th of June.

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Dexcell - Don't Look Back [Med School]
Artificial Intelligence, Command & Strange & Tali - Won't Say Goodbye [V Records]
Submorphics - Summer Soul [Innerground]
Pennygiles - Life Goes [Innerground]
Peshay & Natalie Reece - Fall For You [Liquid V]
Mako, Villem & Fields - Whatever, Whatever [Warm Communications]
Tobax - Mourloway [Influenza Media]
Vandera - Anandamide [Good Looking]
Urbandawn & Rotate - MTL [Celsius]
T>I - 2nd Chance [Innerground]
Skore - Snitchin [Hooverbass Recordings]
Dialogue - Won't Budge [Innerground]
Ed Rush & Optical - Slip Thru [Virus]
Dyl - Process of Creation [Turbine Music]
NateChristian - Smoke Filled Days [Fokuz]
Sunchase - Nathnennia [Utopia Music]
Keiska - Lovee Song (Keiska Remix) [mp3]
Macc & Duffah - Messier 51 [Subtle Audio]
Macc - If… [Outsider]
Macc - Be Like Water [Outsider]
Macc - Nuñez [Transmute]
Ruffstuff & Friller vs Nu Elementz - Gatts [V Records]
Furi Anga - Down Where The Whispers Scream [Silk]
Mako - I Used To Be Like You [Warm Communications]
Silent Witness & Survival - Fletcher (Abstract Elements Remix) [unreleased]
Out Of Fuel - Sneaky [Lightless]
Chroma - Intermission [C.I.A]
Hibea - White Owl (Fade Remix) [Influenza Media]
Boymerang - Where It's At? [Regal]

Radio: Drum'n'bass Show with Science Hki @ Basso Radio 04/12/2013

Basso Radio Drum & Bass Show 12/04/2013 with Science Hki by Basso Drum'n'Bass Show on Mixcloud

Jes jes. Here's the last week's show. From now on you can also check out our shows from the Basso Drum & Bass show Mixcloud-page. We also created a Facebook page for the show, so make sure you like that one as well.

Anyway, as usual: we've got some deep fresh beats here, and a little Bristol special by Axu so things wouldn't get too serious. Check it out. Next time we'll be on the airwaves on friday the 10th of May.

Download MP3

Mutt - Advance Money [Breakbeat Science]
Never feat. Brooklyn - Not Over [Westbay]
Tokyo Prose - Saving Grace [Samurai Music]
Klute - Stuck On You [Commercial Suicide]
Bungle - 25th Floor (DJ Marky & Bungle VIP Remix) [Innerground]
London Elektricity - Point Of No Return [Hospital]
Sumone - Rhythm Machine (Abstract Elements Remix) [Alphacut]
Adam Elemental - Flow [Runtime]
Om Unit & Sam Binga - Electric Riddim [Exit]
Sabre & Cern - Pinch Me [Dispatch]
Andy Pain & Z Connection feat. Cursa - Obey [Hustle Audio dub]
Lowcut - Therapist (Trisector Remix) [Alphacut]
Hybris - Uproot [Dispatch]
Die - Jitta Bug [Full Cycle]
Firefox & Suvivor - Back Out Of Dis [Philly Blunt]
Gang Related - Hostile [Dope Dragon]
Krust - Warhead (Steppa Mix) [V Recs]
Roni Size Reprazent - Brown Paper Bag (Photek Remix) [Talkin' Loud]
Fracture & Neptune - Clissold (Machine Drum VIP) [Astrophonica]
John B - Jazz Session 2 [New Identity]
Trinity - Gangster (Glamour Gold Remix) [Philly Blunt]
SVJ - Edfu [Another World]
Genotype - Big Man Tumps [Horizons]
2D33P - Secrets Of The Universe [DSCI4]
Nookie - Rebounded (Jrumhand's Ain't Broke Remix) [Phuzion]
Critycal Dub - My Feeling [Liquid V]
Raw Q - Sweet Pie [Intrigue Music]
Voyager - Hypersleep [R&S]

Radio: Drum'n'bass Show with Science Hki @ Basso Radio 03/08/2013

Here's the archive of the previous show. Picture is related. Next show will be on April 12th.


Mortem - Recall [IM:ltd]
Elemental - Archival [Auxiliary]
Furi Anga - Poisonflowers [Silk]
Blackjob - Rise Again ft. Suz (Sam Binga remix) [Original Cultures]
Adam Elemental - Poly6 [Runtime dub]
Kid 606 - Godspeed You African American Emperor [Tigerbeat]
Grand Old Ukes Of Yorkshire - Gangsta's Paradise [?]
Breakage & SP:MC - Shadow [Bassbin]
Overlook - Lusca [Inception Audio]
Ruffhouse - Demand [Ingredients]
Nydus - Mantis [dub]
Raiden, Brandon Miles & Tricky Pat [Eternia Music]
Skeptical - Frozen [Ingredients]
Amit - Immigrants [Bingo Beats]
Fade - Tribal Dancer VIP [IM:ltd]
Soul Intent - Igloo [Outsider Music]
Soul Intent - The Dark Robotic Orchestra [free download]
Soul Intent - Stone Cold Killa [Samurai Music]
Soul Intent - What Did You See? [Lossless Music]
Of God - Grey March (Technical Itch remix) [Hell's Basement]
Katharsys - Walking Device [Barcode]
Amit - Second Cut [Bingo Beats]
Eastcolors - Watch Out (Enei remix) [Symmetry]
Dom & Roland - Soundwall VIP [Moving Shadow]
Congo Natty - Fever '98 [Congo Natty]
Krome & Time - The License (Krome & Time remix) [Tearin Vinyl]
Nu Moon - Sakhmet [Good Looking]

Radio: Drum'n'bass Show with Science Hki @ Basso Radio 02/08/2013 (Tracklist only)

Yes yes, here's the tracklist for our 2nd show of the year. Unfortunately that is all we've got, as due to technical difficulties with the computer that records all the show, our show was one of those that was not recorded. We're terribly sorry.

Anyway, here's the list of the tracks we played on friday. Catch us again on Basso on the 8th of March.

Facing Jinx feat. Just Some Guy - Lonely [Peer Pressure]
Mutt - Nice As Me [Nu Directions]
Random Movement - Two Dogs Down [Influence]
Fate - The Shuffle [East Side]
Thing - Backup [Dubthing]
Arkaik - Turncoat [Diffrent]
Shiver & Spraykat - Camo [Protect Audio]
Arkaik - Cutting Edge [Diffrent]
Photek - Minotaur [Science]
Escher - Late Snare [Narratives Music]
Paradox - Marxism [Paradox Music]
SPKTRM feat. D-Struct - C [Project 51]
2D33P - Secrets Of The Universe [DSCI4]
Overlook - Existence [DSCI4]
Peanut Planet - Awakenings [Fluid]
Seba - Camouflage [Good Looking]
Seba - Special Ops [Combination]
Seba - Say You Love Me [Secret Operations]
Naibu & Key - Just Like You [Horizons Music]
Future Engineers - Through The Motions (Cutworks Remix) [Transference]
Mikal - Spiritual [Utopia Music]
Mav & Twister - Ghost Rider [Scientific]
Mav - Time & Space [Scientific]
Chris.SU - Airlift [Music 4 Ever]
Ivy Lab feat. Frank Carter III - Afterthought [Critical Music]
Angelzero - Satellite's End [Breakbeat Science]

Radio: Drum'n'bass Show with Science Hki @ Basso Radio 01/11/2013

Alright, here's our first show of the year 2013. Some new shit, some old shit and a little feature on Omni Trio as introduced by VVR. I wish we would've had time to play more of his tunes, but then again, 3 is a magic number.

Next month someone else will pick an artist. Who will pick what? We have no idea really. Maybe in a month we will know more. Anyway, here's the mp3 of the show, with a tracklist. Next show will be on the 8th of february.


Roni Size - Daylight [Full Cycle]
Lynx & Hellrazor - Shadowlands [Warm Communications]
Bungle - Astral Travel [Soul:R]
Yagura - Land Of The Dragon [free tune]
D-Fect - I Can't Stop This [Scientific Wax LTD]
Future and Senses - Light Speed [Criminal Records]
dBridge - Inner Disbelief [Exit]
Jason Os - Flatline [Mjazz]
Locustlung - Informant [dub]
Mortem - Converter [IM:ltd]
Mono - La'More [Hustle Audio]
Ivy Lab feat. Frank Carter III - Oblique (VIP) [free tune]
Bungle - Aura [Soul:R]
Justice & Diamond Eye - Straight Up [Mjaz÷]
Omni Trio - Shadowplay [Moving Shadow]
Omni Trio - Radio Sirus [Moving Shadow]
Omni Trio - First Contact [Moving Shadow]
Distance - Regret [Autonomic]
Prodigy - Out Of Space [XL]
Hoax - Temple Ball [Moving Shadow]
Flava Unit - Sit On Da Bass [East Side]
Krust - Blaze Dis One [V Recordings]
Doc vs The Kaleidoscope - Friday [Ignition Musik]
Pascal - Cool Maneuvre [True Playaz]
Sub - Tensions [Subtle Audio]
Seba & Krazy - Consciousness [Secret Operations]

Vvr in the mix

Radio: Drum'n'bass Show with Science Hki @ Basso Radio 12/14/2012

Yes yes. Here's the recording of last weeks show. As promised, we played some of our favourites from this year. Unfortunately we didn't have enough time to play all of the tunes we wanted to play and we also wanted to play some other stuff in the show too, so it's possible that something essential did not get played this time.

Anyway, hope you enjoyed the show. We definitely enjoyed doing it. We'll be back on airwaves next year on the 11th of January. Boom.

Download MP3

DJ Roots - Sorrizo De Flor [Innerground]
Secret Weapon - Strange Days [Protocol]
ASC - Phobos [Autonomic]
Glyphic - Isolation [dub]
Total Science - Fracture 2 [Replicant Audio]
Despot & Abstract Elements - Event Horizon [Eternia Never]
Mode - Around The Edges [Crescent]
Stranjah - Prominence [DSCI4]
Break, Fields, Villem & Mako - Dilligence [Utopia Music]
Amit - Manic Minor [Exit]
Beastie Response - Be Quiet [Teal]
Klute - We R The Ones (Ulterior Motive remix) [Commercial Suicide]
Need For Mirrors - Fish Scale [Samurai Red Seal]
Technical Itch - Nemago [Tech Itch digital]
Fistfunk - Tetsuo [Lightless digital]
Blocks & Escher - Sagan [Narratives Music]
Escher - Rugged [Narratives Music]
dBridge - Cornered [Metalheadz]
Spinline - Radioactive [SGN:LTD]
Fracture & Neptune - The Limit VIP [Astrophonica]
Sinistarr - Drama Dub [Alphacut]
Dream Continuum - Set It [Planet Mu]
EAN - Flow (Om Unit remix) [Cosmic Bridge]
Seba - Don't You Love Me Anymore? [31]
Villem & Fields - Discordia [Med School Music]
D'Cruze - Importance Of Drums [True Playaz]
Sidewinder - Killa [Thunder]
Breakage - The 9th Hand [Planet Mu]

Radio: Drum'n'bass Show with Science Hki @ Basso Radio 11/09/2012 with special guest Defo

Hay guys. Here's the last week drum'n'bass show with our first guest mix and interview. And the said guest was Defo who by the way delivered a seriously sick mix in the show LIVE. Check it out.

We also did a little interview with him, and if you don't speak Finnish, click here for the English translation. Big thanks to Jenni for the help with the translation.

We'll be back on air again next month, on 14th of December.

Download MP3

Babylon Timewarp - Durban Poison [Delirious]
Actraiser - Lost In The Jungle [Loose Squares]
Sinistarr - Western Ting (Gyangsta) [Loose Squares]
Debrúit - Atá! (LV Remix) [Civil]
Ratty - Bouncing [Formation]
Camo UFOs - U Get The Hornz (Air Stegosaurus Remix) [119 Sound]
Ital Tek - Glokk [Planet Mu]
Dawn Day Night - Alcoholic Dance Flow [Astrophonica]
Kfka - Untitled [dub]
Defo interview:

Defo - Trying [dub]
Defo - Culture [Tribe 12 dub]

Code 3 - Living Proof [Critical]
Displaced Paranormals - Infusion [Shadybrain]
Spinline - Life (Clarity remix) [Demand]
Sam KDC - Sepia [Samurai]
Mtwn - Deceptive [Break-Fast Audio]
Detail - I Need You VIP [Free DL]
Homemade Weapons & John Glist - Copperhead VIP [Onset Audio]
Overlook - Glass [Samurai]
Axon - Prey [Cyclone]
Stray - The Pursuit [Warm Communications]
Defo - Lucid [dub]
Clarity - Twisted logic [Horizons]

Björk - Hunter [One Little Indian]
Hidden Agenda - Pressin' On [Metalheadz]
Universal - Groove Therapy [Good Looking Records]
Big Bud - Lifeline [Good Looking Records]
Fanu - Bad Coffee [Lightless Recordings]
Spectrasoul - Emptyness Is Form [Diverse Products]
Quadrant & Iris - Sparse [Avantgarde]
Cause 4 Concern - Jitter Bug [C4C]
Break, Fields, Mako & Villem - Dilligence [Utopia Music]
Adam F - Metropolis [Metalheadz]

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