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Science Classics & Favourites #11 - Voyager - Hypersleep

It's been quite a while since our last Classics & Favourites post – more than a year to be exact. We haven't really forgotten about this stuff though. Here's a true gem from the nineties: Voyager - Hypersleep.

The tune was released in 1997 on the legendary R&S Records. What I personally really like about this track is that it really transmits a dreamy soundscape, which is also one of Voyager's signature elements in his tunes. It's also well engineered and really stands out as one of the coolest tunes of the atmospheric sound that was produced at that time.

I've got a personal story about this track too. I heard it on a compliation CD, probably on Legally Stoned, but somehow I never got to know the track title. The worst part was as I didn't get to see much horror movies (pretty much none actually) as a kid, I had a lot of catching up to do, and so I missed the fact that the track featured a vocal sample from the movie Aliens, which would have made it really easy to ask around for this tune. But all I could do was to try and explain the track in a verbal way.

Needless to say, it never worked out.

It wasn't until this year I went crate digging and found the promo release there between all the other goodies, put it on the turntable and it took me the first few seconds to realize I had found the tune I'd been searching for about 15 years.

The good thing about the story is the track hadn't really aged a bit. It still sounds fresh and really frickin' good. And those are just a few of the reasons it deserves a spot in the list of Science Classics & Favourites!

Science Classics & Favourites #10 - Twisted Anger - Exquisite

Twisted Anger - Exquisite. Released on Ray Keith`s label Penny Black in 1997 is a devastating Amen tune that features some very slick filtering on the breaks which to my ears make this track standout from the crowd. Very moody and dark just the way I like it :)
Check it out for yourselves.

Science Classics & Favourites #9 - Higher Sense - Lock Up

OK, besides being just a favourite, this one's also a personal opinion; Jungle at its purest essence, stripped down to just bare essentials. Nothing fancy needed, just a fat warm bassline, properly built rhythm to keep it rolling and some samples thrown in to give it a distinction. Released on Moving Shadow, my favourite label.

What happened to "just plain nice" tunes anyway?

Science Classics & Favourites #8 - Big Bud - Emotionography

Now here's a classic. In addition to a plethora of releases on his very own Sound Trax label, Big Bud also has a really nice record of releases on good old labels such as Creative Source, Vibez and especially Good Looking, on which he has released three albums, two magnificent EP's and three singles (plus one on Looking Good).

He's one of those guys whose music (well, the ealier releases at least) would be called "intelligent drum & bass" by many, but you may call it whatever you like. What we're talking about here though, is exactly that kind of atmospheric drum & bass especially Good Looking has been pushing in the late 90's.

Lots of good tunes by Big Bud, but to me 'Emotionography' has always been the #1. The name has it, it's really about emotion. The track builds up with a proper nearly four minute intro, after which a punching bassline kicks in, accompanied by a nice rolling drum break. This whole thing is put together with some trademark synth pad engineering. I have been chilling to this tune countless times. Deep vibes.

On an additional note, a year later, 1999 to be exact, a remix was also included on the Pure EP by the very same artist. It's somewhat more dj friendly as the track starts with a clear drum break instead of slowly starting to build up. The bassline is also remarkably different. For a dj set, the remix would be my weapon of choice. For listening, however, I would pick the original one.

Science Classics & Favourites #7 - Jonny L - Treading

Jonny L, one of the pioneers that gets too often left unmentioned. His uncanny ability to stay off the limelight year after year amazes me, despite 1) the remix work for The Prodigy, Nasty Habits' 'Shadow Boxing' and numerous other classics, 2) two amazing albums that paved the way from blue note era Metalheadz sound to Prototype techstep and 3) lenghty career with dozens of profilic releases on big labels and his own 'Piranha records'. Luckily his music speaks for itself but hey c'mon, some love for the guy too?

'Treading' came out on XL recordings in his debut album 'Sawtooth', a nice box with five pieces of 10" black wax (I remember VVR paying silly money for a mint copy years back). The tune is a sinister breakbeat workout with recognizable synth lines and brutal bass, but little to no hooks to recall its name. I've tried to hum** and explain the synths at least a million times to different people but the name never pops up.

**(TBH not really sure if its because of my superior humming skills)

Science Classics & Favourites #6 - Boymerang - Where It's At?

Boymerang, aka Graham Sutton, really didn't release much drum'n'bass, but he's a great example of quality over quantity. Every single tune from him is just quality. He released his album Balance Of The Force in 1997 and I basicly could have picked any tune off that album, but I decided to pick this track because it is simply the one I've played the most. It's really an album everyone even slightly into jungle and drum'n'bass should check out.

Boymerang disappeared from drum'n'bass almost as quickly as he appeard and Sutton went on to do some recording, production and live mixing for bands, and in 2004 he revived his shoegaze/post-rock project/band Bark Psychosis which had been previously active in the early 90's. Originally Boymerang was born off Bark Psychosis as it started as a collaboration between Sutton and the band's keyboard player, Daniel Gish, but after the first releases Gish left the project and Sutton continued as a solo artist.

Classics & Favourites #5 - Source Direct : The Cult

Yet again it's time for some good old sounds! The pick this time goes all the way back to the year of 1995 (not a bad year for drum & bass btw).

The Metalheadz imprint was rolling out some deep tunes, including a release from Source Direct. Most people know this 12" single for the track on the A side, that being 'A Made Up Sound', which is also one of my all time favorites.

Let's stick to 'The Cult' now though. To me this track works so well because of the jazzy, yet mysterious atmosphere. I'm also a big fan of good drum programming, and I think this track is there. All in all, a very well thought track that shouldn't only be remembered as the B side of 'A Made Up Sound'.

Release page at Discogs

Classics & Favourites #4 - Matrix : Convoy

I thought it's my turn to pick a favourite track for a change. This piece from 1998 is one of my favourite drum'n'bass tracks of all time and basicly if I have to pick top 5 tracks, this ends up always in that list.

I don't really know what makes this so special for me, the deep atmospherics and the vibe of the track or the amazing use of the tighten up break, or just the fact that it's a track that stays interesting from start to finish, which isn't really usual in drum'n'bass these days.

Hope you enjoy this track as much I do.

Science classics & favourites #3 - J.L.M. Productions : No Appreciation

It`s that time again :)

This tune to me represents the essence of what a great drum&bass track sounds like. Delicious breakbeat coupled with insanely groovy bassline... perfect.
Released by the classic Reinforced label in 1996 gets massive appreciation from me atleast... enjoy <3

It does not get much better than this.. ;)

Science classics & favourites #2 - Fanu - Aurora

Greetings from dark and cold Helsinki.

This time I present to you the tune that brought the breakbeat/atmo talent of Fanu to my attention. I originally heard this song on a mixtape and as usually happens with outstanding music it grabbed my attention immediately and i had to find out what it was and what I found was this...

Massively beautiful tune released in 2004 with nice chopping of breakbeats just the way I like it.

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