collaborative music presents: parts & sequences

In december the St. Petersburg -based crew/website Microfunk announced a follow up for their previous project, Applied Minimalism where participants were encouraged to create music using only the TR-808 kick drum as the only sound source.

In the new project called Parts and Sequences people were asked to send drums, basses, pads, melodies and whatnot in order to create a tune together. Obviously the samples had to be in the same tempo (170) and key (Am or C). I was planning to participate too but I actually forgot.

Anyway, the end result is now here, but because of the sheer amount and variety of the sounds provided, Bop, Jalex and Oak ended up creating a live session consisting of six "scenes" instead of just writing one tune.

Check the results from the video above or soundcloud player below, or download it:
MP3 / FLAC + .cue

Parts & Sequences by microfunk-crew

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