Free tune: Dak - Tree

Remember Dak?. We also did an interview with him a while ago. Now, we have good news, and bad news.

The good news is, he is giving away a free download of his track called "Tree" at Mineral's website.
Here's the .wav file and here's the mp3 file.

Unfortunately the bad news is, that this will be the last drum'n'bass release by Dak.

Anyway, this tune is absolutely amazing, and I've been playing it a lot. Go get it.

Dak - dnb mixtape

A brand new mix from Dak who was was interviewed in our blog earlier this year. Back then he was already saying he's planning to record a mix, and now he finally did that.

The man himself describes the mix as follows:
"A one hour drum&bass mix, complete with an Alesis 3630 on the master and recorded on to a c-cassette with properly unhealthy levels. You can't get more 90's than this!"


q project - capricorn 15
jonny l - s4
justice - mauve flow (matrix remix)
trace & nico - cells
phantom audio - remote control
a-sides - on the streets
ed rush & optical - medicine
renegade - dark soldier
dillinja - silver blade
hype - only one life to give
decoder - uxb
loxy & isotone - ancients
photek - minotaur
krust - the last day
danny breaks - the bear
ganja kru - dense
lion of judah feat. jah cure - jah set it (lion of judah remix)
suv - invaders
ken ishii - overlap (lemon d remix)

dnb mixtape by dak_

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