Mixes for your weekend

Hello there. I've encountered some nice mixtapes lately, and it's also friday, so it's time to do one of these posts. Party music for your weekend. Woohoo!

Fanu's Breaks 'n' Beats Podcast #1

We're starting with a brand new podcast from the one like Fanu. This is a dope tape. It contains of all kinds of cool drum'n'bass styles, but surprisingly most of it is on the more breaky side. Like. That's a really big surprise.
Der Fanumeister has written a blog post about the mix too, with comments on each track of the mix. Check it out. Hope #2 gets released soon too.

DJ Hexe - V'Ger

Next up we have a mix by a Finnish producer and DJ called Hexe from Virrat, Finland.
It's an electro mixtape, and as a fan of proper electro I was more than happy to check this out and have a listen, and it's dope. Great scifi electro all the way and 100% vinyl too. Check it out.

SSLLOOWW TAPES - ssllooww down

The last mix comes from a Melbourne-based (I think) blog called Ssllooww tapes. It's recorded by Rory McPike whose drum'n'bass tunes have appeared every now and then in our podcasts. It's an ambient/downtempo/artsywhateverhipstermusic mix, perfect for taking it easy and chilling. No tracklist yet unfortunately, but there are tracks for example from Four Tet, Boards Of Canada, Aphex Twin and local Melbourne producers, including Rory himself. Apparently part 2 is coming at some point too. Hopefully soon.

FREE DOWNLOAD: V/A - Electro Compendium

I just discovered this free monster of a release (thanks for the tip Toiminto!). It's a 116 track (yes, 116!) compilation album with a loong tracklist with lots of names that I'm familiar with, and even more names that I don't know. Might take a little while to go through all these tracks, but the beginning is very very promising and I'm pretty sure I will be playing quite a few of these tracks in the future.

Anyway, you can grab the tunes in your preferred format from the Anti-Social Network Bandcamp page. All the tunes are previously unreleased, properly mastered and some of the tracks were written specifically for this release, which was compiled by Jean-Paul Bondy and Dave Paton.

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