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Free Download: Jason oS - Love And Hate [DTNDFREE001]

Montréal-based label Detuned Transmission recently released their first 12" which also released some love from the scientists some time ago.

The label has now released a free mp3 download from Jason oS, who is also 50% of Daat. The track, which is called "Love And Hate" continues on a similar more chilled and atmospheric path as "Crashes" from the first single. Mellow pads, stripped drum machine beats and synths that for some strange reason remind me of 80's action films.

To download this track, you need to like Detuned Transmissions facebook-page and then you'll be able to download the tune from there.

InZtance - "This Is Where" / "What Must I Do?" [THRU001] + Free Download

Villem "InZtance" Hion, an Estonian drum'n'bass producer these days based in London, launched his own label Through Sounds this week. The label uses the same name as his self-funded debut album he released in Estonia in 2007, and since that album he has released music on labels like Med School, Vampire and Hustle Audio.

The first release just dropped yesterday, and it features tracks from InZtance himself.
The A-side "This Is Where" is a stepping dancefloor drum'n'bass track with some uplifting brass stabs, chunky drums and a dirty bassline. The "flip", if you can use that word about a digital-only release anyway, is a track called "What Must I Do?" which is rolling techy drum'n'bass track with some great atmospheric sounds. And it has chipmunk vocals too.

But that's not all. You can also get a free track from the label boss called "One Step Closer". All you need to do is go like the label's facebook page, click "free track" and you'll have this monster of a track downloaded to your hard drive in no time.

You can check out all the tracks from the soundcloud players below, and buy the first 2 tunes from your favourite mp3 store. Keep an eye on the label btw, there might be some collaborative efforts by yours truly released in the future too.

V/A - Pseudogeddon (Footwork Jungle compilation) [free download]

I was disappointed that the end of the world didn't happen today, but I'm not disappointed that Om Unit, who's been one of my favourite producers this year, has compiled this free footwork jungle album for us to download, with tracks from guys like Om Unit (surprise surprise!), Machine Drum, EAN, Dawn Day Night. And there's some awesome gif animations on the website too.

Go to to download the album

Pseudogeddon - Jungle Footwork Compilation - FREE DOWNLOAD by Pseudogeddon

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