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Free tune: Dak - Tree

Remember Dak?. We also did an interview with him a while ago. Now, we have good news, and bad news.

The good news is, he is giving away a free download of his track called "Tree" at Mineral's website.
Here's the .wav file and here's the mp3 file.

Unfortunately the bad news is, that this will be the last drum'n'bass release by Dak.

Anyway, this tune is absolutely amazing, and I've been playing it a lot. Go get it.

Ultracode & Furi Anga - Vertebrae of Chaos - Free Tune

Furi Anga has posted an absolutely amazing piece of music on his Soundcloud page. The tune in question is a rather deep atmo/ambient/minimal/dnb track by himself and Ultracode. The track is titled Vertebrae of Chaos. Hear for yourself and get your free tune while you still can!

Ultracode & Furi Anga - Vertebrae of Chaos (FREE DL) by Furi Anga

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