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Trisector - Slow Motion (Free Download)

I just set up a Bandcamp page for my own music, and uploaded a track called Slow Motion which is downloadable for free.

It's a teaser of an EP called Avaruus which will be released later on the same Bandcamp page.

Hope you enjoy this particular tune, and I will be posting previews of the ep to my Soundcloud page in couple of days.

InZtance - "This Is Where" / "What Must I Do?" [THRU001] + Free Download

Villem "InZtance" Hion, an Estonian drum'n'bass producer these days based in London, launched his own label Through Sounds this week. The label uses the same name as his self-funded debut album he released in Estonia in 2007, and since that album he has released music on labels like Med School, Vampire and Hustle Audio.

The first release just dropped yesterday, and it features tracks from InZtance himself.
The A-side "This Is Where" is a stepping dancefloor drum'n'bass track with some uplifting brass stabs, chunky drums and a dirty bassline. The "flip", if you can use that word about a digital-only release anyway, is a track called "What Must I Do?" which is rolling techy drum'n'bass track with some great atmospheric sounds. And it has chipmunk vocals too.

But that's not all. You can also get a free track from the label boss called "One Step Closer". All you need to do is go like the label's facebook page, click "free track" and you'll have this monster of a track downloaded to your hard drive in no time.

You can check out all the tracks from the soundcloud players below, and buy the first 2 tunes from your favourite mp3 store. Keep an eye on the label btw, there might be some collaborative efforts by yours truly released in the future too.

FREE DOWNLOAD: V/A - Electro Compendium

I just discovered this free monster of a release (thanks for the tip Toiminto!). It's a 116 track (yes, 116!) compilation album with a loong tracklist with lots of names that I'm familiar with, and even more names that I don't know. Might take a little while to go through all these tracks, but the beginning is very very promising and I'm pretty sure I will be playing quite a few of these tracks in the future.

Anyway, you can grab the tunes in your preferred format from the Anti-Social Network Bandcamp page. All the tunes are previously unreleased, properly mastered and some of the tracks were written specifically for this release, which was compiled by Jean-Paul Bondy and Dave Paton.

LIGHTLESSFREE001: Fanu - Trouble / Desert

Now this should be good news for friends of chopped breakbeats: Fanu has decided to give away 2 brand new tracks on his website. His original plan was to build an ep around these tracks, but things happened and he decided to give these tunes away for free. And as the catalogue number suggests, this might not be the last free Lightless release.

Do we mind? No we don't. These tunes are dope.


Mineral - The Focus [Free Tune]

A sick free jungle tune by Mineral. Some breakbeat choppage action.

Make sure you check out his EP on Lightless Digital too. Somehow we forgot to blog about it earlier. Oops.

IDJRFREE029: Mineral - The Focus by In Da Jungle Recording

Crazy Lohan & The 2nd Hand Orchestra - 2nd Hand Shop Vol #1 (Free Album)

Lohan from the dubstep/breakstep duo Search & Destroy who are also behind the awesome dubstep labels Destructive and Pitch Black, has released an instrumental hiphop album. Or actually he released it a while ago already, but I only recently got around checking it out, and i love it. The album itself is called Crazy Lohan & the 2nd Hand Orchestra - 2nd Hand Shop Vol #1 and it contains 33 simple, raw and unpolished, short instrumental hiphop tracks. It's pretty laid back, but nothing dreamy or dubby. Simply just good funk breaks and samples and no fancy tricks or gimmicks.

Lohan himself describes the album like this:
"It's all raw, straight vinyl + b-movie samples, no compression + a little eq. Out to the old school Hip-Hop heads who like it a bit dirty, crackles n all. To all my crate-digging brothers and sisters out there!
Please feel free to pass this around, give it to your friends, host it online, torrent it, sample it, burn it on a cd + use it as a coaster even, but most of all, I hope you have a listen and enjoy it."

Lohan is also working on an experimental Dubstep album under his Scarecrow moniker, so something dark and sci-fi influenced will be coming our way very soon.

Download the album here, or stream/download the tracks from the Soundcloud player below.

Crazy Lohan & the 2nd Hand Orchestra: 2nd Hand Shop Vol # 1 by CrazyLohan

Donate money to Cancer Research UK and get BMT vs Erykah Badu

From the Blu Mar Ten website:

This is our good deed for the week.

More than ten years ago we remixed ‘You Got Me‘ by Erykah Badu & The Roots and 1000 one-sided 12″s of the track were released. They disappeared instantly and ever since then copies of it have changed hands for silly money.

Nice as that is for our egos we’ve been thinking about this a lot and decided to use the high demand for a good cause.

So what we’d like you to do is donate whatever you can to Cancer Research UK in exchange for a download of the track.

Almost all of us will be directly or indirectly affected by cancer over the course of our lives. The work carried out by Cancer Research saves millions of people all over the world by discovering new ways to prevent, diagnose and treat the disease.

Exit Records - "Mosaic Vol 1" + a free track from Skream

The release date of Exit Records' long await compilation "Mosaic Vol 1" is near and the guys at The Nest who are also hosting the album launch party are giving away a previously unreleased track from Skream.

Download "Firecall" from Soundcloud.

I'm personally very excited about this album and been waiting for couple of these tunes to come out for ages, so it's a buy on sight album for me. The two samplers are already out, and the album itself will be released on January 31st.

Christmas gift from Fracture & Neptune

Yet another Astrophonica-related post here, this time Fracture & Neptune have wrapped us a nice little gift, a track called "Time Trapped" which was recorded by a funk band trapped in space in 2001.

Now it's been mastered by the mighty Bob Macc at Subvert Central Mastering, and they're giving the tune away on their website.

Mineral's free dnb track of the week #5: Trisector & inZtance - Something To Give

I wrote about Mineral and his website earlier, but I've been a bit lazy reporting about the free tracks when they've been good stuff, and 100% finnish too :)

Anyway, this week's track is an old one from me and inZtance, and actually our first collaboration as well. It got some nice dj support around here and also on bassdrive, and it was planned for a vinyl release too. Unfortunately, if there is a possibility that something might go wrong, it usually will go wrong and as the result this tune ended up gathering dust on our hard drives.

Anyway, we're giving the tune away now on Mineral's website, so go ahead and download it. Hope you enjoy it too.

Collected the previous free tracks behind the jump as well, so hit read more to check them out.

Trisector & inZtance - Something To Give (free download) by trisector

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