Now this video is actually from the year 2006 but this is the first time I'm seeing it. It's a project called sCrAmBlEd?HaCkZ! by Sven König who is an artist, entertainer and a popmodernist (whatever that means?).
sCrAmBlEd?HaCkZ! looks like a fun piece of software which analyses the audio and video content fed into it and then you can trigger pieces of it by singing, speaking, beatboxing or farting to the mic. There's some nice beatbox mashup action of everyone's favourite tune right in this video.

Here's a Wired Magazine interview of König from 2006 where he tells a bit more about the software too. Unfortunately the software itself still hasn't been released, but the video's fun to watch anyway. Especially with self generated content this could be an interesting tool to use. presents: parts & sequences

In december the St. Petersburg -based crew/website Microfunk announced a follow up for their previous project, Applied Minimalism where participants were encouraged to create music using only the TR-808 kick drum as the only sound source.

In the new project called Parts and Sequences people were asked to send drums, basses, pads, melodies and whatnot in order to create a tune together. Obviously the samples had to be in the same tempo (170) and key (Am or C). I was planning to participate too but I actually forgot.

Anyway, the end result is now here, but because of the sheer amount and variety of the sounds provided, Bop, Jalex and Oak ended up creating a live session consisting of six "scenes" instead of just writing one tune.

Check the results from the video above or soundcloud player below, or download it:
MP3 / FLAC + .cue

Parts & Sequences by microfunk-crew

Visual Harmony

This time a little bit of experimental art, which you yourself can take
direct part in. Thanks to the script, written by Ricardo Cabello, you can easily experiment on your illustrations, using high-tech brushes of the most intricate shapes.

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