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Crazy Lohan & The 2nd Hand Orchestra - 2nd Hand Shop Vol #1 (Free Album)

Lohan from the dubstep/breakstep duo Search & Destroy who are also behind the awesome dubstep labels Destructive and Pitch Black, has released an instrumental hiphop album. Or actually he released it a while ago already, but I only recently got around checking it out, and i love it. The album itself is called Crazy Lohan & the 2nd Hand Orchestra - 2nd Hand Shop Vol #1 and it contains 33 simple, raw and unpolished, short instrumental hiphop tracks. It's pretty laid back, but nothing dreamy or dubby. Simply just good funk breaks and samples and no fancy tricks or gimmicks.

Lohan himself describes the album like this:
"It's all raw, straight vinyl + b-movie samples, no compression + a little eq. Out to the old school Hip-Hop heads who like it a bit dirty, crackles n all. To all my crate-digging brothers and sisters out there!
Please feel free to pass this around, give it to your friends, host it online, torrent it, sample it, burn it on a cd + use it as a coaster even, but most of all, I hope you have a listen and enjoy it."

Lohan is also working on an experimental Dubstep album under his Scarecrow moniker, so something dark and sci-fi influenced will be coming our way very soon.

Download the album here, or stream/download the tracks from the Soundcloud player below.

Crazy Lohan & the 2nd Hand Orchestra: 2nd Hand Shop Vol # 1 by CrazyLohan

Autechre - Fact Mix 122

These guys from UK called Rob Brown and Sean Booth made a mix for Fact Magazine, haven't listened to it yet as I'm still downloading it. Last time I heard a mix from them was around the release of the previous album, Quaristice, when they streamed live from their website, and what I heard was some really good hip hop. Then again the streamed lasted 12 hours. I only caught two.

The new album is out due pretty soon too. That should be interesting. I'm a bit of a fan I suppose.

mp3 link (for 3 weeks) -- moar info

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