Marcus Intalex - Fabriclive promo mix december 2012

Now here's something to get your weekend and holiday week started; a mix from the Intalexlexlexlexlexlexlexlexlexlexlexlex. He also did a little interview with the Fabriclive blog, check it out.

He's been maybe a bit more busy this year with his house/techno outfit Trevino, which is definitely worth checking out, especially his Tactical Manouvre EP on Martyn's label 3024.

Have to quote one answer from the interview too, which is something I have to agree with:

What keeps you coming back to d&b do you think?
I love it man and I always will. When it’s done right there is no better club music.

You are definitely right about that mr Intalex.


1. Calibre - The Wash
2. Random Movement - Down Somehow
3. Calibre – Paragov
4. St Files & Response - Hardtimes
5. Reza & Gremlinz – Bloom
6. Lynx & Hellrazor ft. Naomi Pryor – Locked On The Low (D&B Remix)
7. Dub Phizix – Raggo
8. DRS - Bun Ya
9. Escher - Late Snare
10. Break – Slipstream
11. Gremlinz - Conversations (Deep Lick)
12. Paradox - No Consensus
13. Skeptical feat Collette Warren - Always Be Mine
14. Marcus Intalex - Qwer Key 2012
15. Lynx – Balloons
16. Bungle - Astral Travel
17. Phil Tangent – Restitution

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