Science HKI presents: Bop [Med School, Microfunk]

We’re returning to Merikerho to spread some more words of Science! This time we’ll be visited by yet another pioneer in his craft.

Hailing from St. Petersburg, Bop is a new breed of producer intent on re-writing the rulebook with an intoxicating ice-cold sound; embracing influences from deep house, dub techno and IDM through to minimalist dubstep and ambient drum & bass. With a signature sound on both Med School (sister label of Hospital Records) and also his own label Microfunk Music, we’re talking about a man really defining a whole new style of drum & bass.

We have also invited the Finnish duo Out of Fuel [Translation, Med School, Harmaa] to perform a special audiovisual dj set, combining their unique take on deeper, techno influenced, dubby drum’n’bass and suitable video material.

And of course, the resident scientists Axu, St. Laurent and VVR will be selecting their favorites behind the decks ranging from autonomic halfstep vibes to classic techstep, from deep rollers to jungle, from dirty hardsteppers to off-kilter drumfunk. And of course everything in between.

Come join us for a night of dnb & jungle! Serious music, not so serious people.


Saturday 20.4.2019, 22–04

Sörnäisten rantapromenadi
00530 Helsinki

Bop [Med School, Microfunk Music]

Out of Fuel [Translation Recordings, Med School, Harmaa]

Axu [Science HKI]
VVR [Science HKI]
St. Laurent [Science HKI]

Visuals by trsctr

12 € (+ cloakroom fee), available on the door only

Facebook Event

Science HKI with Bop

Science HKI presents: 10 Years of Science with FANU

Since the very beginning, the whole idea of Science Helsinki has been to have people gather around great music. It started as living room sessions, evolved into a monthly club night, a podcast and finally our own radio show.

What's been missing for the past years is the club night. We're trying our best to remedy that!

We're boarding Merikerho to bring you a rare treat, the breakbeat connoisseur himself, and most importantly the guest DJ of the first ever Science night: FANU.

With a much anticipated release coming on the Metalheadz imprint, we're curious to hear what he'll have up in his sleeves for our night!

And of course all of us scientists will be on the decks as well. This is going to be a night you don't want to miss!


Saturday 17.11.2018, 22–04

Sörnäisten rantapromenadi
00530 Helsinki

Fanu [Lightless Recordings, Metalheadz]

Trisector [DSCI4, Med School, Science HKI]
Axu [Science HKI]
VVR [Science HKI]
St. Laurent [Science HKI]

Visuals by trsctr

10 € (including cloakroom fee), available on the door only

Facebook Event

Science HKI 10 Years

Mixes for your weekend

Axu & Trisector accidentally discovered some nice mixtapes from the interwebs. These mixes should get your weekend started. Check them out and enjoy.

Infest - Live @ Shattered - Subtle Audio Vol III Launch Party

Proper music for dark rainy streets and forests! Infest drops a live recorded mix, filled with that certain eerie vibe you really can't pigeonhole into any subgenre. Old, new, dark, rolling and clunking steadily forward, vibes guaranteed.

Law - Beatifully Crafted Volume 6

Volume 6 of Beautifully Crafted mix series is a mix by Law who also hosts a blog called Drumtrip which specializes to old school jungle music from the 90's.

Vol 6 takes you on a trip to the peak era of jungle, best put in the description text: "This mix shows just how popular Jungle music was back in the 90's, as it focuses' on producers within the scene, remixing a wide array of other-genre artists."

FD - Rupture promo mix June 2014

FD delivers a sick promotional mix for Rupture party at Corsica Studios in London, which is actually there tonight! Wish I could go there, but unfortunately I can't, so I'll settle with this mix.
The overall vibe of this mix is dark and deep, but it's a great selection of different styles, ranging from stripped halfbeat beats to juke-flavoured oldskoolish beats and bad ass breakbeat badassery. Only bad thing about this mix is that it's only ~30 minutes long.

Oneman - Live on Rinse FM 10/06/2014

DJ Oneman's show from Tuesday on Rinse FM. 2 hours of old school dubstep (yes, it's been around that long). And some grime too. Bassface after bassface after bassface. Serious business. Some big tunes here. Fucking hell. I mean, this mix starts with Loefah - Mud. Seriously. Check this fucking shit out.

AJARÄND:PASTPRESENTFUTURE ft. Source Direct @ Ulme, Tallinn, Estonia 23/05/2014

Yes yes. The Science boys, or 3/4 are going for a field trip to Estonia this weekend, make sure you join the fun too. The legendary Source Direct is going to honor Tallinn with his presence on friday and will be playing an strictly vinyl old school drum'n'bass set, as rest of the dj's of the night at Ulme in Tallinn.

Joining the British guest and the local talent will be Axu, St. Laurent and Trisector of the Science crew. It's a funny story actually, we were originally just going to go see the Source Direct gig, but suddenly we were added to the line up.

Needless to say, we are fucking excited about this weekend, and really looking forward to hearing Source Direct in action and also drop our favourite classics. And really looking forward to importing some cheap beer from south too. See you in Tallinn!

Event info (facebook):

ULME (Tulika 9-11)



PARANOID SOCIETY // ALPHACUT 90's jungle/techstep

QBA // TJUUN IN all over 90's oldschool set

GONZA // DRUMANDBASS.EE 90's jungle set

ABSTRACT DETAIL old/contemporary set

CADEA special '94 - '98 jungle/techstep set

Doors open 23:00
Tickets: 5€ until 00.30, after that 7€

Radio: Drum'n'bass Show with Science Hki @ Basso Radio 14/04/2014

We invaded the new Basso studio finally with a full Science Hki crew. Is a very good. This time we did a little special on Reinforced Records, which starts at about halfway through the show.
And we had some fresh beats from Utopia Music and Warm Comms and some classic stuff from Partisan and Subtitles just to name a few. You can listen from the player above or download from the link below. Well be back in the studio on the 12th of may.


Earl Grey - One Cold Chord (170 bpm VIP) [Free Download]
PBK - Earthbound [Warm Communications]
Dawn Raid - The Truth Hurts [Hocus Pocus]
Switch - If I Don't Know [Tempo]
Klute - Speak No Fish [Commercial Suicide]
Villem & McLeod - Think That I'm Yours [Warm Communications]
Mauoq - Wet Fire [CX Digital]
Lynx - Balloons [Soul:R]
Addison Groove - One Fall [50 weapons]
Nucleus & Paradox - Zenith's Core [Esoteric]
Seba ft. Robert Manos - Exodus [Horizons Music]
Abstract Elements - Buckwheatfunk [Dub]
Mako, DLR & Fields - Old Soul [Utopia Music]
Dom & Roland - Freeze [Dom & Roland Productions]
Loxy & Resound - Paradigms [Metalheadz]
Gremlinz & Ahmad - Nibiru [Paradox Music]
Nucleus & Paradox - No Spaced Place [Reinforced]
J.L.M Productions - No Appreciation [Reinforced]
Sci Clone - El Son [Reinforced]
Immortal Minds - Rhythms Of Your Mind [Reinforced]
Chris Energy - Zalongo [Reinforced]
Alpha Omega - MG's Chamber [Reinforced]
4hero - Terraforming [Reinforced]
Blue Sonix - Double Trouble [New Identity]
Foul Play Productions - Synthetic Bitch [Partisan]
K - Thought Control [Subtitles]
Photek - Ni Ten Ichi Ryu [Science]
Roni Size Reprazent - Hot Stuff [Talkin Loud]

Science of Smoke - V Recs Tribute mixtape

Some dusty smokey late nite vinyl biz, not april fool things but pure V goodness. Let 'em rollers roll!

Download MP3


01 krust - jazz note
02 roni size - only a dream
03 roni size - fresh (mask remix)
04 roni size - phyzical (ray keith vintage remix)
05 i kamanchi - stay
06 suv - bragga funk
07 die - something special
08 krust - check dis out
09 bill riley - fat man
10 scorpio - li-li
11 krust - set speed
12 roni size - fashion
13 krust - angles
14 roni size - box of tricks
15 krust - blaze dis one
16 suv - invaders
17 ed rush & optical - naked lunch
18 krust - warhead
19 roni size & die - it's a jazz thing (electric boogie mix)
20 roni size - timestretch (origin unknown remix)
21 lemon d - i can't stop

Mixes for your weekend

Hello there. I decided to compile a little post about mixes I've been listening to lately. I might make it a habit later. Possibly.

ElHornet - Audio Couture mix

First we have a mix from ElHornet of Pendulum. Now, some people might just want to skip this mix because of the P-word, but don't. ElHornet is a sick dj who knows his music, and this mix is about Moving Shadow's sister label Audio Couture.
This definitely made me want to go shopping for 2nd hand vinyl in discogs.

Pedestrian - Boiler Room mix

I've posted a mix from Pedestrian to this blog once, and you should definitely check it out if you haven't yet.
Anyway. This is his set from Boiler Room last month/year. Some good housey postdubstep bassmusic whateverthefuckyoucallit stuff, and some interesting remixes of classic dnb tunes too.
If you want video of the set too, check the Boiler Room site

DJ Q^Art - Seismic Force

Now here's a hectic drumfunk mix from DJ Q^Art from Ekaterinburg, Russia. The description of the mix is "A turbulent journey through randomized drum patterns and abstract sounds" and it pretty much tells it all. DRUMS.

St. Laurent - This is what I call Jungle

The last mix for this post is from one of the scientists. This mix was recorded almost 4 years ago, and I hadn't even checked this one out before, until someone bumped this thread on our local dnb forum.
As the name suggests, it's a jungle mixtape.

Download / Tracklist

So uhm. That's it for now, here's something for you to listen for a while I suppose. Hope you have a good weekend!

V/A - Pseudogeddon (Footwork Jungle compilation) [free download]

I was disappointed that the end of the world didn't happen today, but I'm not disappointed that Om Unit, who's been one of my favourite producers this year, has compiled this free footwork jungle album for us to download, with tracks from guys like Om Unit (surprise surprise!), Machine Drum, EAN, Dawn Day Night. And there's some awesome gif animations on the website too.

Go to Pseudogeddon.com to download the album

Pseudogeddon - Jungle Footwork Compilation - FREE DOWNLOAD by Pseudogeddon

Radio: Drum'n'bass show with Fanu feat. Science HKI @ Basso radio 05/18/2012

Another Basso Radio related post here. As mentioned in the previous post, we did a little guest appearance last night in Fanu's show. The show has some dope track selection by the F-man, an interview, b2b2b2b mixing by us and some questionable mic action. Hope you enjoy the show, we had fun. Also make sure you check out our debut show on the same radio station if you haven't yet. And if you're in the front page, that's the post below this one.

Listen/download the show from the player below, and click "read more" for the full tracklist.

d&b show with Fanu feat. Science HKI on Bassoradio (May 18 2012) by Fanu

Squarepusher's High Five

Tom Jenkinson selected five jungle tracks that sprung to his mind for XLR8R mag and accompanied them with some words. The guy's always been a massive influence to me and the tracks are wicked, check em' if you feel that you haven't had your daily dose of amen madness.


(Oh and his latest album just came out and it's great. Some resemblance to the Ultravisitor era stuff, maybe a bit more straightforward at times.)

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