This weeks new releases: Chimpo, Jungletrain, Break & Detail

Chimpo - Frontline EP [Soul:R]

I wasn't exactly familiar with Chimpo's work apart from "Headtop" by him and Enei, but I sure am now. Frontline EP is a great drum'n'bass EP from the Manchester based MC/producer/DJ. The biggest track from the release might be Buzzin' which features bass heavy and dark beats by Dub Phizix & Skeptical and a kick ass music video, but I have to say my favourite from the ep is "All Over" which is a nice blend of some old school atmospheric jungle style pads and more modern drum machine like beats.
It also tells something about the high quality of this release, that the weakest point from it is Calibre's remix of Frontline, which isn't actually bad at all, but just the least interesting track of the 4.

V/A - Conductors Volume 1 EP [Jungletrain Recordings]

Our favourite online drum'n'bass/jungle radio station, Jungletrain, has launched their own label which is called surprisingly Jungletrain Recordings.
The idea of the label is to showcase the diversity of the station and all the releases will be tracks written exclusively by Jungletrain dj's.
Conductors Volume 1 EP does exactly that, as the sounds range from from the stripped halfbeat sounds of Daat's "5D" to mental amens in Mantra's "Sign Off" and militant drumfunk choppage of "Art is a Strange" by Fada.
A great all-round release with 4 solid tracks.

Break / Detail ft. Tiiu - Steam Train / Days Go By [Symmetry]

Symmetry's latest release gives us tracks from the label boss Break and from Ukrainian youngster Detail.
"Steam Train" is a heavy roller that moves forward like.. well.. a steam train and will definitely destroy any dancefloor, but in my opinion this release is all about the melancholic vocal roller by Detail & Tiiu (no, not the finnish Tiiu Helinä).

There is a reason for why Detail has been very busy releasing music on various labels recently: the tunes are fucking good.

The Soul:R & Symmetry releases are out now in all good record stores and digital download stores, and you can get the Jungletrain EP from the label's bandcamp site.

Viidakkorumpu @ Jungletrain.net

We are a go @ 16.30 +2 GMT


Join the fun in IRC chatroom using either your preferred client or the javachat on site:


Current state of Finnish jungle. Nuff sed.

Science Hki goes jungletrain.net (at least for a couple of monts)

A friend of ours, Docius has been hosting his own show called Viidakkorumpu on jungletrain.net for a couple of years now. Viidakkorumpu could be translated as "Jungle Drum" in english and that should already tell enough about the show's agenda, as Docius tends to drop some gritty street style jungle and 90's drum'n'bass, with some new crispy beats dropped every now and then in his own uncompromising style.

He's now travelling somewhere on the other side of the world, and VVR and Axu (or according to website, Axxx) are going to host the show, with occasional guests, for the next few months. The show airs live from Helsinki every 2nd week, starting today at 2:30 PM GMT. Check from the schedule how that places on your time zone, and make sure you tune in!

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