The Breakbeat Sound Of Finland Volume 1 release party @ Darkside 01/06/2013

Lightless Recordings & Science Hki proudly present:
The Breakbeat Sound Of Finland Volume 1 release party 01/06/2013

@ Darkside Club
Perhonkatu 6, Helsinki
Tickets 5€


Recue (Live)
Noetic Nodus

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The Breakbeat Sound Of Finland vol 1 is a compilation of breakbeat music from some of Finland’s most promising producers. Out on June 1 as a digital Lightless release through all outlets.

To celebrate the release we're having a release party at Club Darkside with music played by people whose tunes are also featured on that album and also the head honcho of Lightless Recordings, Fanu. Soundsystem is provided by Gwan Positiv, so there will be BASS.

You can check the clips from the soundcloud player below, and buy the album from your favourite digital music supplier.

Fistfunk - Fistfunk EP [Lightless]

Some pretty interesting and stongly acclaimed musical madness was released today on Lightless Digital.

The artist in question is Fistfunk with his self-titled EP. Make sure to keep this name in mind. For starters, check out his Soundcloud and/or Facebook page. Also check out this interview at

The EP itself is available for purchase at such digital outlets as Digital Tunes.

EP: Fistfunk - "FISTFUNK EP" by Lightless Recordings

Fanu presents: All Fanu mix volume 7

Fanu mixing some Fanu tracks, moving from lower tempos to higher tempos. Includes tunes from his latest album "Serendipity", and some fresh remixes he's finished recently.

01. DJ Shadow - "Scale It Back" (Fanu's Lightless coffee remix) [dub]
02. Pilvien Päällä [Lightless]
03. Paras Ystävä [Lightless]
04. Rave Like It's... [Lightless]
05. Animation - Spanish Key (Fanu's Lightless remix) [RareNoise]
06. ZZYZZX - Battle Anybody (Fanu remix) [dub]
07. Shatner Rap (feat. Greenleaf) [Lightless]
08. I Can't Sleep [Lightless]
09. Jupiter 2011 (feat. Mineral) [Lightless]
10. Nuku [Lightless]
11. Dawn Joseph - Something Beautiful (Fanu remix) [dub]
12. Beauty [Midnight Sun Recs dub]
13. Ane Brun - Do You Remember (Fanu remix) [Balloon Ranger Recs. dub]

Fanu presents: All-Fanu Mix Volume 7 by Fanu

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