Martsman - Black Plastics pt. 2

Here's the 2nd installment of Black Plastics ep series of previously unreleased tunes by ze german bleepmeister herr Martsman. Check it out. Make sure you check out the first part too if you haven't yet. You can get the tunes with 4 euros, but if you are a good person you can pay more than that too if you want to.

Martsman - Black Plastics pt. 1 Out now!

About a month ago I wrote a post about Martsman's plans to release some previously unreleased tracks his bandcamp site . The first batch is now (or actually since monday) available for purchase and while listening to the tunes you can also check out an interview he did with kmag couple of weeks ago.

The next parts of the series will be released in September and October, and there may be even more after that.

Martsman - Black Plastics

Martsman, who has previously released music on labels like Med School, Alphacut, Warm Communications and Offshore, just announced on his facebook page that he will be putting out a series of four track ep's with previously unreleased tunes on his Bandcamp site during the coming months. You can already check out the previews of the first EP of the series, Black Plastics pt 1.

We at Science Helsinki are definitely looking forward to this release, and we'll post again when the first part is available.

Black Plastics Pt.1 by Martsman

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