St. Laurent - Summer Mix 2013

I've been compiling a Summer mix for a while now, and finally got to the mood to actually record it. I don't really have much to say about it, it's just supposed to transmit some of that sexy lovely crazy summer vibe. Hope you like it!

01 Mr. Joseph : From Me To You - Liquid V
02 Furney : Life Starts @ 40 - Good Looking Records
03 Kubiks & Lomax : Taking A Stand - Phuzion Records
04 Random Movement : Down Somehow - Innerground Records
05 Unknown Artist : Notorious Honey - Fokuz Recordings
06 Tobax : Mourloway - Influenza Media (Triple)
07 Ricky Force : Flow VIP - 36 Hertz Recordings
08 Break : Hot Love - Ram Records
09 Mako & Villem feat. Fields : Whatever Whatever - Warm Communications
10 dRamatic & db Audio : Fractual Harmony - Good Looking Records
11 Vandera : Anandamide - Good Looking Records
12 DJ Marky & Makoto : Konfused - Innerground Records
13 Brunno Junglist : The Time - Soul Rebel Recordings
14 Makoto feat. Paul Randolph : You've Got Sumptin' (Makoto 170bpm Refix) - Human Elements
15 Giorgiolive : Kisses 2 Go - Luvdisaster Records
16 Phil Tangent : Hindsight - Santorin
17 Technimatic : Solace - Shogun Audio
18 Dynamic & Command Strange : So Much Tenderness - Fokuz Recordings
19 Artificial Intelligence, Command Strange & Tali : Won't Say Goodbye - V Records

Science of Smoke - V Recs Tribute mixtape

Some dusty smokey late nite vinyl biz, not april fool things but pure V goodness. Let 'em rollers roll!

Download MP3


01 krust - jazz note
02 roni size - only a dream
03 roni size - fresh (mask remix)
04 roni size - phyzical (ray keith vintage remix)
05 i kamanchi - stay
06 suv - bragga funk
07 die - something special
08 krust - check dis out
09 bill riley - fat man
10 scorpio - li-li
11 krust - set speed
12 roni size - fashion
13 krust - angles
14 roni size - box of tricks
15 krust - blaze dis one
16 suv - invaders
17 ed rush & optical - naked lunch
18 krust - warhead
19 roni size & die - it's a jazz thing (electric boogie mix)
20 roni size - timestretch (origin unknown remix)
21 lemon d - i can't stop

St. Laurent - All Good Looking Mix

Here's my response to this recent post by Axu. It's an all GLR mixtape I recorded back in 2008, making it one of my first mixtapes ever. In fact, I didn't even use the name "St. Laurent" back then, but just "Late". Turned out there was a dubstep artist by the same name so I had to come up with something for mixes I did later on.

Some crappy blends and not so great beatmatching here, but hey, it's all in the name of good music! There are also tracks on this mix I've gotten to forget about a little bit, making it a good reminder for me about some pure gold lurking in my record shelf. Hopefully there are some of those nice refreshments for you as well.

Go check it out at Mixcloud.

Good Looking Records

Axu - Good Looking Good mixtape

I was browsing through my HD and found a GLR tribute mixtape I made 5-10 years ago with a shoddy mixer that had EQ slides instead of knobs and a crackling headphone socket. Good times even though a bit pain in the ass, the process of making this mixtape also taught me a thing or two about fixing broken mixers.

Download here! (open the post for tracklisting)

Karl O'Connor - Post Crucifiction

One of my favourite producers of dark and brooding techno, Karl O'Connor, (or maybe more familiar to electronic music crowd as Regis) dropped a mixtape consisting of DNB tracks with strong dark ambience. The tunes in the mix are almost in full lenght, a proper reminder that you don't have to triple drop everything to create buckets of awesomeness.

Karl O'Connor - Post Crucifiction - Contort #4 7pm Sunday Evening Berlin by Contort // Berlin

Wispy - Avainlippu 2 Mixtape

Wispy is one of the most active DJs and music promoters here in Finland. He's come up with a nice selection of Finnish craftmanship. Seriously, pure Finnish flavors on this one. This is not the first one in the series (as the name indicates), so you probably should also check out the first "Key flag" mix.

Enough talking, download the mix and enjoy!

Tracklist and download link:

The 1st mix can be found here:

avainlippu, tehty suomessa. key flag, made in finland.

Axu - Bass Tales (Dubstep)

Hi folks,

I accidentally some dubstep & bass music, enjoy.


St. Laurent - Taking It Back To The Old Skool

I found out I've got tons of relatively new releases that I could tag as "jungle" apart from "drum & bass". And so here we are with a 45 minute mix of old skool vibes and some new skool flavas.

Hope you enjoy the mix!

Taking It Back To The Old Skool by St. Laurent

Cover art, St. Laurent - Taking it back to the old school.
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