Mixes for your weekend

Here are some mixes the Scientists have been listening to recently. These should get your friday started, and we hope you have a great weekend.

Joe Loud - Smoked Out Session 5

Our friend Joe Loud, who also did a great guest mix for our podcast last year has record a brand new episode for his Smoked Out Sessions mixtape series. 97 minutes of deeper drum'n'bass picked and mixed by one of our favourite DJ's in the country at the moment. Check out the previous smoked out sessions from Joe Loud's Mixcloud-page

Dub-One - Scientific Wax Mix 2015

Scientific Wax mix. By Dub-One. Amens. Lots of amens.

Lrusse - Monologues Podcast 23

Ed Bayling is a busy man in the studio with many different names and vibes. He's done dubstep and breaks as I.D., he's working on some badass groovy house tracks as one half of Behling & Simpson (the other half is actually Sam Simpson aka Sam Binga), but he's also doing some sick house tunes by himself as Lrusse. What I like most about his tunes is that there's some grit and rough edges in his sound, and you can hear the background in bass music. Things don't have to be completely perfect, quantized, polished and edited to the max, the imperfections are the things that create the character in the music.
Check this mix, it's 100% his own tunes and collaborations, and there's also a short interview on soundcloud where he describes his music and the way he works.

Sam KDC - Samurai Podcast #27

Sam KDC has recorded the latest episode of Samurai Music Podcast to celebrate the release of his new ep Psychic Dirt. The mix goes somewhere beyond drum'n'bass and is simply dark deep electronic music at 85/170 bpm. Yes.

Myyränhengitysklubin erityiskatsaus osa 3 @ Ravintola 931, Tampere 8/2/2014

50% of Science Helsinki are doing a little visit to Tampere as guests of Myyränhengitysklubi. The hosts of the night, Esc and Joe Loud visited our show last year and played a sick guest mix for us live in the studio, so it's definitely time for us to pay a visit back.

The music starts already at 6PM and the name of the game is deep drum'n'bass. The entry is free and beer is reasonably priced. Come say hello.

Myyränhengitysklubin erikoiskatsaus osa 3
Esc & Joe Loud
Axu & Trisector

@ Ravintola 931
Kehräsaari B, Tampere
0 €

Event on Facebook

Radio: Drum'n'bass show with Science Hki & special guests Esc & Joe Loud @ Basso Radio 08/30/2013

Here's the archive of last week's extra show. We had a great time in the studio listening to great tunes and hanging out and our guests Joe Loud & Esc delivered a tight guest mix for us live in the studio.

Their b2b set starts at around 29 minutes, and lasts for about an hour. Besides of the great guest mix, you'll hear some fresh dnb tunes picked and mixed by Science boys, and a classic tune this time carefully picked by Esc.

If you want to hear more mixes from these guys, check out their mixcloud pages:



dBridge & Skeptical - Move Way [R&S]
SoulCouture - Smoke That [FORCE Recordings]
Frankee - Firethorn [Program]
Fields - Colours [Utopia Music]
Reborn - Mario In Computer Hell [NexGen]
Pulsaar - Living The Moment [Jazzsticks]
Dynamic & mSdoS - Highway Patrol [Good Looking Records]
Naibu - Just Like You (Fracture Remix) [Horizons Music]

Indigo - The Root [Exit]
Hatti Vatti - Palms [Absys Records Ltd.]
Beastie Respond - No More [Teal Recordings]
Stealth & Stylus - One Way [Ingredients]
Skeptical - Dream Police [Ingredients]
Hybris - Out Of Place [Invisible]
Croms - Invisible Cities [Exit]
ASC - Phobos [Non-Plus]
Data - Delicate [Influence]
Naibu ft. Jinadu - Decay (Om Unix Remix) [Horizons Music]
Clarity - Forensics [Blackout]
JoJoe - 4th Floor [Alignment]
Skeptical - Eyes Down [Exit]
Omni Trio - Kinetic [Moving Shadow]
Alix Perez feat. D.Ablo - Playing Games [Shogun Audio]
Future Signal - Nemesis [IM:Ltd]
J:Kenzo feat. Rhianna Kenny - Eyes Wide Open (dBridge Remix) [Tempa]
Heavy1 & Key - Prison [Yabai 84]

Science boys back in the mix
King FiFi - Oh Baby [45Seven]
Skittles - In For Me (Need For Mirrors Remix) [Estate]
Abstract Elements - Acid Coke [Demand]
Psycho Mantis - Obituary [dub]
Psycho Mantis - Mind Control Music [Interactive]
dBridge - Death Of A Drum Machine [R&S]
Consequence - A Man And A Woman [Exit]

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