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Trisector - Avaruus EP

Avaruus EP which I previously mentioned in this post is now out on Bandcamp.

You can stream the tunes from the player above, or from my bandcamp site, and if you like the tunes, you can buy the high quality audio files.

Space themed EP with a foundation in drum'n'bass, but also with some elements and influences from deeper techno and house, synthwave, game soundtracks, and even a tiny bit from trance. Just a tiny bit.

It's not rocket science, but make sure you wear your space suit.

This weeks new releases: Utopia Music, Symmetry, Translation, Exit

There's a lot of good new drum'n'bass floating around, so we thought we'd cover a tiny fraction of the good stuff that's out now. Here are some new singles we thought were worth a mention.

Andyskopes - True Chord Redux VIP / True Human Emotion [Utopia Music]

Hailing from the stables of Utopia Music, Andyskopes must've felt that something essential was missing from 2013. To fix this void, he went all the way down the road to his chop shop and returned with two numbers filled with relentless drumwork.

The A-side, labeled 'True Chord Redux VIP', starts up with long lush pad intro that makes possible to switch pace inside a mix, brings forth properly crafted choppage with interesting palate of drumfills and finishes the soup with a gnarly second drop that would make papa Equinox and whole team Inperspective proud.

B-side, 'True Human Emotion', is an eerie atmospheric number that offers a first drop causing an instant knee-jerk reaction to all the fans of 'punchy-ballsy-ouchy-me-nutsy' track starts.

The recipe is quite similar to the A-side but a tad darker and grittier, amen sound is proper dusty and effects squeeze the last bit out of the chop storm. Second part throws in nice little ravey touches and progresses eventually into something bit brighter.

Break / Fields, Hydro, Mako & Villem - Music Is Better / Celestine [Symmetry]

Run by Break, it shouldn't come as a surprise Symmetry Recordings is once again pushing out a smashing 12".

The A side, "Music Is Better" by Break himself, could be categorized as a dirty yet soulful dancefloor roller. My feet started moving pretty much instantly. If a bad thing has to be said, it does start to sound a bit like most of the rollers that have been released from him lately. Then again, it works very well. If it ain't broken, don't fix it, eh?

The B side by Fields, Hydro, Mako and Villem (that is a whole bunch of artist to list!) is called "Celestine". Compared to "Music Is Better" this one's much deeper and heavier in a sense. For me this one's the better tune of these two. It's got this nice rolling vibe with some of those nice rhodes (?) being thrown in to add some of that mystical atmosphere to compliment the crunchy bassline.

SYMM14 is available pretty much everywhere you would expect it to be (for those who haven't given it a thought, head over to Redeye Records for the vinyl or Digital Tunes for the digital release).

Minor Rain - Biomechanics / Monoscope [Translation]

Translation is one of my favourite labels and Minor Rain is one of the hottest "new" producers at the moment, and when these guys team up, the result is a damn good single.
Biomechanics is a deeper track with wide atmos and idm'ish clicks'n'crackles drum programming, while the "flipside" is a more "tradinitional" drum'n'bass track with breaky drums and a growling, yet subtle bassline.
You can get the tunes from Translation's Bandcamp site or any good digital store.

V/A - Mosaic Vol 2 [Exit Records]

Here's something we've been waiting for a while to drop: the follow up to Mosaic vol 1 compilation album that was released some time ago on Exit.
The release kind of caught me by surprise, as i was somehow thinking the release date was supposed to be much later. I haven't actually listened to the album yet either, so I'm a victim of the hype. I've only been drooling over the preview clips on the Soundcloud page. There are definitely some damn good tunes on this album.

Frederic Robinson - Theme Park / Off Topic [Blu Mar Ten]

Ok ok, this one was released a week ago, but we thought this could be worth writing about anyway. This is Frederic Robinson's first single from his forthcoming album "Mixed Signals", which will be coming out later this year on Blu Mar Ten Music. These tunes don't exactly fall to the category of dj friendly bangers, they actually sound like music.
This single really made me look forward to the album.

Words by Axu, St. Laurent & Trisector

This weeks new releases: Chimpo, Jungletrain, Break & Detail

Chimpo - Frontline EP [Soul:R]

I wasn't exactly familiar with Chimpo's work apart from "Headtop" by him and Enei, but I sure am now. Frontline EP is a great drum'n'bass EP from the Manchester based MC/producer/DJ. The biggest track from the release might be Buzzin' which features bass heavy and dark beats by Dub Phizix & Skeptical and a kick ass music video, but I have to say my favourite from the ep is "All Over" which is a nice blend of some old school atmospheric jungle style pads and more modern drum machine like beats.
It also tells something about the high quality of this release, that the weakest point from it is Calibre's remix of Frontline, which isn't actually bad at all, but just the least interesting track of the 4.

V/A - Conductors Volume 1 EP [Jungletrain Recordings]

Our favourite online drum'n'bass/jungle radio station, Jungletrain, has launched their own label which is called surprisingly Jungletrain Recordings.
The idea of the label is to showcase the diversity of the station and all the releases will be tracks written exclusively by Jungletrain dj's.
Conductors Volume 1 EP does exactly that, as the sounds range from from the stripped halfbeat sounds of Daat's "5D" to mental amens in Mantra's "Sign Off" and militant drumfunk choppage of "Art is a Strange" by Fada.
A great all-round release with 4 solid tracks.

Break / Detail ft. Tiiu - Steam Train / Days Go By [Symmetry]

Symmetry's latest release gives us tracks from the label boss Break and from Ukrainian youngster Detail.
"Steam Train" is a heavy roller that moves forward like.. well.. a steam train and will definitely destroy any dancefloor, but in my opinion this release is all about the melancholic vocal roller by Detail & Tiiu (no, not the finnish Tiiu Helinä).

There is a reason for why Detail has been very busy releasing music on various labels recently: the tunes are fucking good.

The Soul:R & Symmetry releases are out now in all good record stores and digital download stores, and you can get the Jungletrain EP from the label's bandcamp site.

InZtance - "This Is Where" / "What Must I Do?" [THRU001] + Free Download

Villem "InZtance" Hion, an Estonian drum'n'bass producer these days based in London, launched his own label Through Sounds this week. The label uses the same name as his self-funded debut album he released in Estonia in 2007, and since that album he has released music on labels like Med School, Vampire and Hustle Audio.

The first release just dropped yesterday, and it features tracks from InZtance himself.
The A-side "This Is Where" is a stepping dancefloor drum'n'bass track with some uplifting brass stabs, chunky drums and a dirty bassline. The "flip", if you can use that word about a digital-only release anyway, is a track called "What Must I Do?" which is rolling techy drum'n'bass track with some great atmospheric sounds. And it has chipmunk vocals too.

But that's not all. You can also get a free track from the label boss called "One Step Closer". All you need to do is go like the label's facebook page, click "free track" and you'll have this monster of a track downloaded to your hard drive in no time.

You can check out all the tracks from the soundcloud players below, and buy the first 2 tunes from your favourite mp3 store. Keep an eye on the label btw, there might be some collaborative efforts by yours truly released in the future too.

Mako & Villem ft. Fields / Mako - Whatever, Whatever / I Used To Be Like You [WARM024]

It's relatively rare that only half of the year has passed by and you already know that a track you hear is going to be in the top releases of the year. 'Whatever, Whatever' by the power trio Mako, Villem and Fields is one of those tunes.

It's a very well composed mix of liquid vibes and old school jump up with a slice of some good old jungle music. The great thing about this track is that it will fit almost any situation. It works well on air, it works well in a bar and it works even better in a fully booked night club.

We've seen this tune make people go crazy on the dancefloor. And it's no surprise. Once the bass kicks in, not only will jaws drop, but the well crafted breaks will also get the listener completely lost in the music.

What makes this release even better, is that there is a great flipside to compliment the A side, "I Used To Be Like You" by Mako. The tune is more stripped and less hectic than "Whatever, Whatever", but still has some power to it. The atmosphere is quite smoky and even a bit melancholic, and there's some really great work with the detailed atmospherics and sound effects.

From this release the flipside here might be the one that endures more listening than the A-side, but so far "Whatever, Whatever" is definitely one of the biggest tracks for us this year.

Definitely a buy on sight release from the Texas-based label Warm Communications. Available both on vinyl and in digital formats.

Words by St. Laurent & Trisector

Chris Octane - Synthetics / Gaia's Dub [CORE001]

One funny thing about drum'n'bass is the fact that you can use nice words such as "disgusting" to describe a track in a positive way. "Disgusting" is exactly the first word that comes to mind about Chris Octane's first solo release on his own label CO Recordings.

Smartest of you readers might have already figured out that Chris is one half of the drum'n'bass duo Octane & DLR, who released an album called "Method in the Madness" last year, and also have a nice back catalogue of singles on various labels, most of them on Dispatch Recordings.
After the album the duo made an artistic decision to part ways and go solo, and now here we have an example what Octane is able to do when he's in the studio by himself.

The technical production values and attention paid to small details are high, which shouldn't come as a surprise. Synthetics is disgusting. It's filthy. It's a dirty and massive piece of modern techstep with a steppy beat, slick and tricky edits and fills, and a huge bass, which will cause some nasty bassfaces. Guaranteed to destroy a dancefloor. In a good way, of course.

The flipside "Gaia's Dub" on the other hand is completely different, and in my opinion the more interesting track on this release. It reminds me of one of my favourite producers ever, Tipper, and his glitch hop stuff. It's bass heavy, but once again has all these tiny details in the sound design department, and really has some depth in the sound and is definitely not an in-your-face track like Synthetics.

The single is out today on monday the 6th of May. There will be more releases lined up for the label later this year, and also some collaborations. I'm definitely going to keep my eyes and ears open for what Octane has to offer us in the future. This release is definitely a good start.

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