Radio: Drum'n'bass Show with Science Hki @ Basso Radio 10/11/2014

Here's our show from last night on Basso Radio. Axu, Trisector & St. Laurent in the studio.

You now have a new option to listen to the recordings. Simply install the Basso mobile application on your device of choice and enjoy (links below). You can still listen with the player above, or by Downloading.

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LFO - Spiritualized (Electric Mainline remix) [Warp]
Apollo 13 - Space Dust (JB remix) [Back2Basics]
DJ Hype - On That Dust (Smokey Joe remix) [Ganja]
Prizna - Carlito's Law [Kickin' Underground Sound]
MASK - Freedom [Dope Dragon]
DJ Red - Mad P.L.O. (Uptown Mix) [Trouble On Vinyl]
Lemon D - Ain't Seen Nothin [Chronic]
Teebone - Millenium Bug [Reinforced]
Cern ft. DLR - Patterns [Dispatch Recordings]
Invaderz - Bonesaw [Commercial suicide]
KLAX - Blackball [Critical]
Subwave - First Time [Metalheadz]
Equinox - Ethiopia [Scientific Wax]
Exclusion Principle - Ladders [Scientific Wax Retro]
Polar - Mind Of A Killer (Polar remix) [Certificate 18]
Teebee - Stolen Documents (Polar remix) [Certificate 18]
K - Slow Motion [Breakbeat Science]
K - Transmission [Audio Couture]
Polar - High Voltage [Warm Communications]
Kimyan Law - Copperclock [Blu Mar Ten]
Dominic Ridgway - Valerian [Regression Media]
Seba & Paradox - Delusions [Secret Operations]
Shiver - Fragmented [Flexout Audio]
Cern ft. Hydro - Those Left Behind [Dispatch]
Warmachine - Twisted [Architechture]
Social State - Microdot Monday [http://socialstate.bandcamp.com]
EZ Rollers - Walk This Land [Moving Shadow]

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