Myyränhengitysklubin erityiskatsaus osa 3 @ Ravintola 931, Tampere 8/2/2014

50% of Science Helsinki are doing a little visit to Tampere as guests of Myyränhengitysklubi. The hosts of the night, Esc and Joe Loud visited our show last year and played a sick guest mix for us live in the studio, so it's definitely time for us to pay a visit back.

The music starts already at 6PM and the name of the game is deep drum'n'bass. The entry is free and beer is reasonably priced. Come say hello.

Myyränhengitysklubin erikoiskatsaus osa 3
Esc & Joe Loud
Axu & Trisector

@ Ravintola 931
Kehräsaari B, Tampere
0 €

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Steps w/ Trisector & Axu @ Club Volume, Tampere 27/04/2012

Me and Axu will be providing some gentle terror for your ears at Club Volume in Tampere next week alongside the promoter of the night, Wispy. Tampere is a great city and it's always a pleasure go there, and even more fun to have a chance to play there, so I'm really looking forward to it.

Here's the necessary info in text format too:

Steps 27.04.2012 @ Volume, Otavalankatu 9, Tampere

TRISECTOR (Med School, Science HKI)
AXU (Science HKI, Viidakkorumpu)
WISPY (Steps, Plauge)


Here's the facebook event.
Be there or be a dodecahedron.

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