Karl O'Connor - Post Crucifiction

One of my favourite producers of dark and brooding techno, Karl O'Connor, (or maybe more familiar to electronic music crowd as Regis) dropped a mixtape consisting of DNB tracks with strong dark ambience. The tunes in the mix are almost in full lenght, a proper reminder that you don't have to triple drop everything to create buckets of awesomeness.

Karl O'Connor - Post Crucifiction - Contort #4 7pm Sunday Evening Berlin by Contort // Berlin

Axu's sunday sessions pt. 3

Starts with darker techno bits and moves forward to dubstep, even to some really wobbly ones (they're good though, trust me) and some drummy tunes too.

Why? For the glory of sunday of course!

192 kbps, 66 mt, 48 mins.


Tea & Techno Podcast #17: Northern Structures

Something I could file under "lately I've been listening to..", and I thought i would like to share this mix with you too.

Danish techno duo Northern Structures provided a mix and an interview for Tea And Techno blog/podcast. Some of you might recognize one half of the duo, Troels B-Knudsen, with his former dj/producer name Pyro. He has a rather wide discography, and he also used to run a label called Nerve Recordings with Paul Reset. As an artist/dj he was known for making and supporting the techno dnb sound, so it's not really a big surprise that he's dropped the dnb part and gone techno both solo, and in this case with his friend Lasse Buhl.

The mix provided by the guys is techno that sounds like techno. No minimal clicks and bleeps, but cold (northern?), rough and almost industrial sounds but thank god nothing like schranz. The overall vibe is very much similar to their production, and possibly there are some fo their tracks in the mix as well. There is no tracklist, so I really have no idea, and I really don't know anything about techno, except the fact that I love it.

Anyway, this kind of techno is definitely my cup of tea (ba dum kssh). And make sure you check the interview too, it's worth reading.

Download MP3

Pedestrian - Dance Music For Home Listening (YSK Podcast 4)

Today I discovered a very nice mix Pedestrian. I have to admit that he's a completely new name to me, but he's got a Commix remix coming out on the Re:call To Mind remix album and he's getting some support from Gilles Peterson as well. Not bad.

The mix itself is a nice compilation of techno/house/dubstep and other nice things, the name of the mix kind of tells you already what to expect. Perfect music for the autumn that's already arrived here in Finland. This one's going to stay in my mp3 player for a while i think.

With the mix, he also did a small interview for You'll Soon Know. Check it out.

'Dance Music for Home Listening' by Pedestrian

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