Science Hki goes (at least for a couple of monts)

A friend of ours, Docius has been hosting his own show called Viidakkorumpu on for a couple of years now. Viidakkorumpu could be translated as "Jungle Drum" in english and that should already tell enough about the show's agenda, as Docius tends to drop some gritty street style jungle and 90's drum'n'bass, with some new crispy beats dropped every now and then in his own uncompromising style.

He's now travelling somewhere on the other side of the world, and VVR and Axu (or according to website, Axxx) are going to host the show, with occasional guests, for the next few months. The show airs live from Helsinki every 2nd week, starting today at 2:30 PM GMT. Check from the schedule how that places on your time zone, and make sure you tune in!

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