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Mako - A Break From Ritual / What A Little Moonlight Can Do

Mako has had a busy year running his own label, Utopia Music, and in the meanwhile producing one banger after another. Next up is his second release on Warm Communications (see WARM024), A Break From Ritual / What A Little Moonlight Can Do.

A Break From Ritual certainly lives up to its name. If you’re into tunes with heavy drums and a bassline coming out of the mouth of a monster lurking in the forest, this is for you. Kind of reminds me of the early Metalheadz sound, but still manages to bring in new vibes.

The B-side starts with the infamous cowbell drum loop found on an early GLR release. But that’s really all the tracks have in common, as What A Little Moonlight Can Do turns out to be a tune produced in the darker end of the room. It’s got a smooth, yet crunchy rolling bassline, complemented with some well thought of atmo pads. Another thing to notice is the second part of the track, where heavier breaks and a nice synth stab pattern kick in. This is one of those tunes on which you don’t start blending the second track in until in the very end of the track.

WARM027 is out now on vinyl and as digital download.

Mako & Villem ft. Fields / Mako - Whatever, Whatever / I Used To Be Like You [WARM024]

It's relatively rare that only half of the year has passed by and you already know that a track you hear is going to be in the top releases of the year. 'Whatever, Whatever' by the power trio Mako, Villem and Fields is one of those tunes.

It's a very well composed mix of liquid vibes and old school jump up with a slice of some good old jungle music. The great thing about this track is that it will fit almost any situation. It works well on air, it works well in a bar and it works even better in a fully booked night club.

We've seen this tune make people go crazy on the dancefloor. And it's no surprise. Once the bass kicks in, not only will jaws drop, but the well crafted breaks will also get the listener completely lost in the music.

What makes this release even better, is that there is a great flipside to compliment the A side, "I Used To Be Like You" by Mako. The tune is more stripped and less hectic than "Whatever, Whatever", but still has some power to it. The atmosphere is quite smoky and even a bit melancholic, and there's some really great work with the detailed atmospherics and sound effects.

From this release the flipside here might be the one that endures more listening than the A-side, but so far "Whatever, Whatever" is definitely one of the biggest tracks for us this year.

Definitely a buy on sight release from the Texas-based label Warm Communications. Available both on vinyl and in digital formats.

Words by St. Laurent & Trisector

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